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Composition of galvanised in-ground pool kit

Self-supporting pool galvanised steel structure 200/100.

Filtration parts and accessories

(specifically designed panels that do not touch the pool self-supporting structure)

- High water flow skimmer
- Large skimmer inlet
- Discharge nozzles
- Brush adaptor
- Main bottom drain
- 300 W lighting projectors
Full in ground pool kit

Pool dimensions7 x 3,5m8 x 4m9 x 4,5m10 x 5m11 x 5,5m12 x 6m
Number of skimmers112222
Number of discharge nozzles222333
Brush adaptor111111
[noir:Main bottom drain111111
Number of projectors111122

Galvanised steel structure

Self supporting structure in galvanised steel, thickness 200/100th, made in france (25 year gaurarentee against perforation).

Panel height 110cm or 150cm, inserts for sealing parts pre-cut by manufacturer.

Galvanised steel is renowned for its properties of remarkable mechanical strength and is the reason why this material is used in many sectors of the construction industry.

This material is robust and malleable and offers an excellent protection against corrosion. Galvanised steel is often chosen as the construction material used to build supporting frames of bridges, tunnels and buildings.
Galvanised steel panel

The galvanised steel panels used in our kits give an outstanding resistance, allowing installation in all stabilized soils.

Our metallic kits are designed using a hot-dip galvanization process, ensuring a long lifespan and exception protection against corrosion. The structure is guaranteed for 25 years against rust perforation.


The structure is constituted using galvanised steel, self-supporting panels. The panels are capable of resisting the pressure of water, without the necessity of completing a landfill around the parameter of the structure. The panels are also totally secure when emptying the pool as the panels support the weight of the surrounding earth.

Installed with ease, you can totally landfill around the pool, install the pool border or add on peripheric borders. You can also envisage a pool design partially in-ground and partially above ground, with no difficulty regarding water pressure resistance.

Installation schema of galvanised panels

Galvanised steel
Height of panels
110cm or 150cm
Structure of panels
6 fold, ensuring pressure resistance and maximum rigidity
Sealing parts insertion
Pre-cut by manufacturer
Supporting legs
Angled steel
Assembly nuts and bolts

Detailed view of the swimming pool

Detailed view of pool assembly
Detailed view of pool structure

1. Galvanised steel panel structure
2. Supporting legs
3. Concrete sealing of supporting leg
4. Peripheric chaining supporting pool border (peripheric concrete beam + reinforcing bars)
5. Reinforcing bars
6. Support plot (concrete block structure)

Main stages of your pool installation:

Following landscaping, the structure is assembled, positioned, and levelled. Then sealing is then completed with concrete mixed to 350kg.

The pool floor screed is completed in the pools interior. Filtration parts are positioned and plumbing work is carried out.

The supporting plots needed to install the peripheric chaining is completed. Landfill surrounding the panels and position the liner rail. Complete the peripheric chaining. Install the pool border. Install the pool floor underfelt followed by the pool liner. Fill with water.

The filtration of your pool

Our galvanised steel pool kits are available with a choice of two water filtration systems.

An outboard filtration systems means you do not require a technical shelter or underground service piping and you do not put residual chemical waste back into the water system. Practical, this system limits installation work.

A traditional filtration system is composed of a sand filter, a self-priming pump, and electrical distribution box with cables, various valves, collectors and u-bends, PVC piping and PVC glue. This evolving system is more economical when purchasing, and all the material is contained on one, protected transportation palette.

Filtration monobloc, without technical shelter

Filtration monobloc
A. Removable lid with locking function
B. Electrical box + Programmation control
C. Filter pump
D. Two removable filter cartridges with collector baskets.
E. Balneotherapy (Air regulator knob).
F. Skimmers, two openings creating suction inlet.
G. Adjustable discharge nozzle
H. LED lighting feature

Filtration pump with a motor capacity of 1,1kW
Water flow 12 to 25m³/h (depending on model)
Featuring two removable polyester filter cartridges
Filter surface 4,5 to 9m2 (depending on model)
Filter capacity 25 microns
Bodywork ABS – PMMA thermoformed
Security overflow
Electrical distribution box with circuit breaker
To learn more please consult Filtrinov outboard filtration monoblocs

Classic filtration system using a sand pre-filter

Sand filter kit
Self-priming filter pump
Horsepower 3/4hp to 1,5hp (depending on model)
Water flow from 10 to 21m3/h (depending on model)
Compatible with electrolysis water treatment systems

Sand filter
Tamper-resistant plastic, unaltered by contact with chemical agents and atmospheric conditions
Diameter 48 to 75cm depending on model
6-way selection valve
Simplified closing system
We recommend Fibalon filtration substance, available on option FIBALON® replaces the sand or cartridge of your pool filter

Electrical distribution box and cables
Protection index IP 55
With fuse, timeclock and thermomagnetic circuit breaker
Transformer 220v/12v
Power contactor
For pump and projector(s)

Sealed parts
2 discharge nozzles
Main water drain
Brush adaptor

PVC kit includes :
- ¼ turn valves
- U-bends
- T connections
- Union connections
- Rigid PVC bars resistant to 16 bars
- Glue
- Stripper
- Sealing compound

Composition of Kit


Uniform liner, 75/100 made to measure, guaranteed for 10 years, (digressively concerning welded points), 7 standard colours (border or impression available on option).

Liner rail "Hung" using self-piercing screws. Pool floor anti-rotting underfelt 350 g/m2, supplied with specific glue.

Important : it is indispensable to check the installed pool dimensions before ordering your liner

Available colours

Anthracite Anthracite ALKORPLAN 2010White WhiteBlue France Blue FrancePale Blue Pale blue
GreySpacer20 Grey ALKORPLAN 2010Sand SandByzantin blue Byzantin blueByzantin green Byzantin green
Persian blueSpacer20 Persian bluePersian blue grey Persian blue greyPersian green Persian greenPersian old rose Persia old rose
Marble blueSpacer20 Marble bluePrint marble grey Marbre greyPrint marble sand Marble sand


PVC borders welded by high frequency available on option with your choice of standard liner. Their dimensions are 240mm in height.

Carthage green Carthage blueCarthage green Carthage greenGenova grey blue Genova grey blueFlorentine grey blue Florentine grey blue
Olympia blue Olympia blueOlympia green Olympia greenOxford blue Oxford blueOxford grey blue Oxford grey blue
Mallorca blue Mallorca blueMallorca sand Mallorca sand

Sealing parts

Installation system

The panels are precut by the manufacturer taking into account the position and dimensions of the sealed filtration equipment such as the skimmer, the discharge nozzles, brush adaptor and projector(s).

This system is totally specific to an aquatic environment and ensures that water is not in contact with the steel panels.

The sealed parts overlap the pool structure, ensuring no contact between the pool water and the pool structure.
Detailed view of the discharge nozzle
Detailed view discharge nozzle

1. Skimmer
Elegance 400 from WELTICO has a modern, elegant design. The skimmer features a wide water inlet (opening 200 x 400) and is equipped with an outlet connection that links a water level regulator is desired (available on option).

2. Brush adaptor
PVC ASTRAL POOL complete with o-rings, sealing clamp and screws. Diameter 50mm.

3. Discharge nozzle
PVC ASTRAL POOL with adjustable ball joint and adjustable diameter of discharge. This equipment ensures the return of filtered, treated water to your pool.

4. Main bottom drain

5. Projector
Projector 300 W/ 12V and its connection box.

Sealed pieces


Cleaning kit
Brush head
Telescopic handle
Floating pipe
Cleaning net
Test pouch

Cleaning kit


- Excavation plan (must be scrupulously respected)
- Installation guide
- Maintainance and use guide
- Helpline
Ladder 3 step stainless steel with anchoring plates


Step option

DOM COMPOSIT reinforced acrylic

To facilitate access to the pool and create a relaxation zone, the step designed in DOM COMPOSIT reinforced acrylic is the ideal solution. You can position your steps on the length, width or corner angle of your pool.

Easy to install, the step module takes the place of one or several panels of the pool structure. The liner is clamped on the front of the steps, avoiding un-esthetic folds and a slipping hazard.

Reinforced acrylic indicates the steps are very resistant, do not scratch, do not chip and are not affected by varying temperatures, chlorine or UV. An anti-slipping treatment is applied to the steps and is tinted in the mass.
The steps are supplied with a spare discharge nozzle and have a 10-year guarantee. The step option cancels the supplied ladder.
The choice of 6 colours can adapt to the majority of pool liners.

Available colours

Pale blue stairs
Light blue
Sand stairs
Azur blue
Azur blue
White stairs
Carribean green
Carribian green
Grey stairs

We can supply steps with various colours, dimensions and heights, so you can find the perfect solution to fit your operational and esthetic pool criteria.

To find out more about our range of Dom Composit products click on the following link:
DOM COMPOSIT acrylic steps


Installation guide for pool kit

Reminder of pool kit prices

Rectangular pool kit, height, 1,10m, choice of floor typePrice inc. VATRectangular pool kit, height, 1,50m, flat floorPrice inc. VAT
Galvanised pool kit 7x3,50m x h1,10m5990.00 €Galvanised steel pool kit 7x3,50m x h1,50m filtration Quick Pack6990.00 €
Galvanised steel pool kit 8x4m x h1,10m filtration Quick Pack6790.00 €Galvanised steel pool kit 8x4m x h1,50m filtration Quick Pack7890.00 €
Galvanised steel pool kit 9x4,50m h1,10m7590.00 €Galvanised steel pool kit 9x4,50m h1,50m8590.00 €
Galvanised steel pool kit 10x5m h1,10m8390.00 €Galvanised steel pool kit 10x5m h1,50m9290.00 €
Galvanised steel pool kit 11x5,5m h1,10m9390.00 €Galvanised steel pool kit 11x5,5m h1,50m10290.00 €
Galvanised steel pool kit 12x6m h1,10m9990.00 €Galvanised steel pool kit 12x6m h1,50m11590.00 €

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