PH correction treatment

Complete range of pH correction products to balance your pool water:
pH + or -, powder or liquid form

Price : 111 

4 x 5 L containers of liquid pH minus corrector compatible for use with a dosing pump to lower the pH level and alkalinity of your pool water....

Price : 66 

Lowers the pH levels of your pool water. Compatible with complementary disinfectant treatments used in pool water.

Price : 100 

Conditioned in 4 containers of 5L OVY pH Plus correction liquid compatible for use with a dosing pump. Heightens pH levels and alkalinity present...

Starting from : 60 

Conditioned in 4 x 5 kg buckets of OVY pH Plus powder corrector to heighten the pH level present in your pool water Compatible with other water...

Price : 100 

HTH pH minus microbead corrector for pool water 4 x 5 kgs buckets

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Starting from 60 eur Including VAT.

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