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Dosing pumps and regulating units

Dosing pumps for pool water treatment
Automatic regulation for :
- pH balance in pool water by pH + or - injection
- Liquid chlorine injection (regulation by measuring Redox potential )
- Active oxygen injection

Starting from : 109 

Easy connection to plumbing network, Prolongs the lifespan of sensors, Economical and practical

Starting from : 249 

Chronometric dosing pump Ideal to dose active oxygen Easy installation, compact size, Digital screen, configurable settings

Starting from : 269 

Compact, regulating dosing pump pH +/- , Set point and pH level display, Easy installation and maintenance, Digital display panel,...

Price : 299 

Very quiet in operation, Economical, Precise, pH- liquid injection

Price : 299 

New model with improved, more reliable motor. Ensures injection of all liquids for pools up to 150m3 Can be programmed by periods of 15 mins...

Price : 299 

Liquid chlorine injection by Redox analysis, Digital display, Installation kit, user-friendly, Proportional and sequential injection,...

Price : 299 

Automated regulation of your chlorine level by dosing pump. For pools up to 100m³ Digital display for redox level Fast and easy installation....

Price : 333 

Dosing pump to ensure correct liquid injection.

Price : 509 

Pump to automatically regulate the pH level of pool water, Liquid injection of pH- or + correction liquid

Starting from : 515 

Redox analysis for liquid chlorine injection, Backlit , 2 line control panel, Calibrated automatic probe, Made in France Command module...

Price : 545 

PH dosing pump with suction cane pH + or - liquid injection Digital display Automatic dry run stop

Starting from : 579 

Regulation by Redox measurement, Separate control box and dosing pump, For pools up to 500m3, Large, backlit LED screen, Ready to install...

Price : 605 

Adapted to all automatic or manual treatments, Permanent visualisation of pool pH, Exclusive mounting system of suction lance.

Starting from : 679 

Injection of pH+ or - correction liquid, Separate control module and dosing pump, For pools up to 500m³, Display of water temperature,...

Price : 729 

OXYDOZ' pool treatment by enriched active oxygen injection, 100% biodegradable without residue. Compatible with all filtration systems Maximum pool volume 150 m3

Price : 888 

Automated pH regulation with dosing pump

Starting from : 958.80 

Automatically analyses pH and chlorine in your pool, 100 % automated Maximum volume of pool 160m3 Analysing and injection chamber available...

Starting from : 1299 

Automatic analysis and regulation of pH, chlorine, bromine and other treatments in your pool water 100 % automatic and fully equipped, delivered...

Price : 1320 

Automatically regulates pH and chlorine by dosing pump. Adapted for pools up to 100m³ Pre-assembled panel Analysing chamber Digital display...

Price : 1404 

Complete dosing system for multi-products Digital screen with backlit screen, Unit pre-calibrated, no adjustment required, Complete kit for...

Price : 1404 

Measures and regulates your pool water precisely (0,1 pH), Digital display, analysing chamber Maximum pool volume 150 m3

Starting from : 1869 

Automatic chlorine and pH regulation Analysis by colorimetry, Fast and easy installation, no calibration, Compatible for pools and spas

Price : 3020 

LOGO VISUAL automatically regulates pH and Chlorine Measures and regulates precisely pH and chlorine

Starting from : 4729 

Checks and analyses public pool water, Displays pH free chlorine and temperature level, pH probe, amperometric chlorine probe and temperature...

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