SMART pH peristaltic dosing pump

Smart pH
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Smart pH Peristaltic dosing pump by abatik
Compact, regulating dosing pump pH +/- ,
Set point and pH level display,
Easy installation and maintenance,
Digital display panel, personalised settings
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Smart pH Peristaltic dosing pump by abatik
Ref. Abatik 017344 Ref. Provider ADD11V401000A0B
EUR 315
315 €
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Sensor for Smart pH peristaltic dosing pump tray level
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The quality of your pool water is conditioned by two important factors, its pH and disinfectant treatment. For your swimming comfort and water balance, the ideal level of pH is situated between 7 and 7.6.

Continuous variation of pH depends on the water type, climatical conditions, swimming frequency and chemical water treatment used. The combination of these factors can make the pool waters stabilisation a constraint.

The use of an automatic pH regulator limits the controls and manipulations of chemical products, optimising and maintaining the pH level creating quality, comfortable pool water whilst minimising maintenance.

A stabilised pH level optimises the efficiency of disinfectant products whilst reducing the quantity used. Smart pH lets you make important savings.

Smart pH automatically regulates and analyses in a simple and efficient manner. Its peristaltic pump means you can treat pools up to 200m³.

Delivered complete with connection kit, the Smart pH is installed easily and quickly on the majority of filtration systems. Its power supply should conform to the norm C-15-100 (30 mA protection).
Smart pH dosing pump

The Smart pH is pre-set with factory settings to operate in the majority of cases or can be set to operate depending on your specific needs and wants.


The pump's sensor measures the pH once it reaches the defined setting point. The pump then injects the pH corrector by sequenced, proportional doses.

Advantages of the Smart pH pump

The Smart pH dosing pump is :

- Easy to use : Using the support clamp which integrates the pumps sensor support (1) and injector (2, 3), Smart pH requires just one drilled hole on the main water pipe to be installed.
- Precise : Sequenced and proportional injection feed the correct quantity of pH corrector depending on the pool water requirements.
- Personalised : Factory settings can be used or personalised settings can be programmed depending on specific needs.
- Easily maintained : The sensor can be calibrated using buffering solutions (pH 4 and pH 7) and the set point can be adjusted with the + and - buttons on the display panel.
- Quietly run : Boasting robust motorisation, the pumps feeding tube is compressed by two rollers (the operational principal of a peristaltic pump) that allow the injection of the pH corrector.
- Economic : Simplified mechanics and wear and tear parts that are inexpensive to buy make this pump economic to purchase and run.
- Dependable : The drive mechanism of the pump is equipped with bearings ensuring a fluid movement and less wear and tear.
- Compact : The pumps compact dimensions 140,5 x 97 x 129,4mm facilitate its installation even in the smallest technical rooms.
Sensor Smart pH

Spacer20Support clamp integrates the pumps sensor support and injector.

Digital control panel

Smart pH uses a digital control panel that shows :
- The pH measurement,
- The setting point,
- The defaults.

Digital control panel

1. The + and - buttons allow the modification of the setting point.
2. The Function button gives access to the different program settings of the pump.
3. The Enter button allows selection through the various menus.
4. The LED indicates the operational status of the pump :
- Static green light : Pump on
- Flashing green light : Pump in operation
- Static red light : Pump off
- Static orange light : Pump setting
- Flashing orange light : pump priming

Technical features

Power supply
230V / 50Hz
Peristaltic, self-priming
1,4l/h to 1 bar
Automatic and proportional
Tube component composition
Diameter of supporting clamp
Injector composed from
Viton - polypropylene
Measuring method
Precision of measure
Scale of measure
0 - 9pH
Calibrates with buffering solution and indicates if there is a default
pH setting point
Can be set between 5 and 9
Sensor connection
BNC entry
Weight of box
Operational temperature scale
0°C to +45°C
IP protection


Dimensions of the Smart pH

Dimensions in mm.


Connection schema Smart pH

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Smart pH -above view
Suction connection(a)
Discharge connection (b)
Start/stop/auto priming button (c)
pH sensor connection (d)
Sensor for tray - on option (e)
Slave cable connection (f)
Power cable (g)

Installation schema

1. Power supply
2. Smart pH dosing pump
3. Distribution box
4. Pool pump slave connection
5. Pool pump
6. Pool filter
7. Suction of pH + or - liquid
8. Sensor for pump tray (on option)
9. pH sensor
10. pH + or - liquid injecton
11. Decharge towards pool

To save space, the Smart pH dosing pump can equally be installed on the support clamp. To do so, just slide the fixation support into the notch designed for this purpose. This type of installation is particularly recommended for small or limited access technical shelters.

Fixation of the Smart pH

Composition of kit

The Smart pH dosing pump is delivered, ready to use.

The kit includes :
- 1 pH pump outer casing complete with digital screen and setting buttons (1),
- 1 perstaltic automaticaly self-priming pump (2),
- 1 sensor pH with 5m cable (3),
- 1 support clamp Ø50mm with intergrated sensor support and injector (4),
- 1 sensor support shutter (5),
- 1 crystal PVC tube (6),
- 1 suction seive and pH corrector (7),
- 1 buffering solution kit pH4 et pH7 + 1 empty recipient to clean the pH sensor (8),
- 1 wall anchor with plugs and screws (9),
- 3 O-rings and spacers (10),
- 1 cone cutter Ø24mm to pierce the main water pipe (11),
- 1 users manual

Smart pH kit by Abatik

On option - Sensor for pump tray

The sensor that measures the level of the pumps tray should be fixed on the suction sieve and connected to the BNC entry under the pH pump outer casing.

When the sensor detects there is no more liquid in the pumps tray, Smart pH immediately stops operation.
Optional tray sensor


2 years (excepting wear and tear parts)

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