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Above ground self-supporting steel pools

Discover our wide range of self-supporting steel panel pools complete with liner and filtration system at discount price.

Starting from : 323 

Depth 90cm, steel structure, liner, skimmer and ladder, Diameter 3,60 to 4,60m

Starting from : 374.95 

Depth from 1 to 1,32 m, 7 different dimensions, Kit including structure, liner, cartridge filtration and ladder, Installation in 30 mins

Starting from : 494.95 

Available depths 1m, 1m22, 1m32, 6 different dimensions, Mosaic liner, sand filtration, ladder, Cover included with certain models, 30 min...

Starting from : 529.95 

Round pool available in 2 dimensions, depth from 1m to 1.22 m, Tubular steel structure, Wicker aspect finish, Sand or cartridge filtration...

Starting from : 539.95 

Round in shape, 2 types of filtration are possible : cartridge or sand, 2 dimensions, depth 1m22 to 1m32, Tubular structure with liner,...

Starting from : 629 

Round pool, diam 3m, 3m60 or 4m60, Depth 1.20m, Steel panel structure, Steel borders.

Starting from : 999 

Oval pool 3m or 3m60, Depth 1.20m, Steel panel structure Steel borders.

Starting from : 1171 

Depth 1,20m, steel structure, wooden aspect liner, skimmer, filtration system, circular or oval in shape

Types of above ground pools

Less expensive than an inground pool, an above ground pool is installed quickly and is simply filled with a hosepipe.

Tubular pools

A rigid tubular structure (interlocking steel tubing) which supports a reinforced PVC/polyester canvas pocket.
The thick reinforced PVC canvas is very resistant and does not rip easily.

Above ground steel panel pools

Round, oval or 8-shaped in general, above ground steel panel pools feature :

• a rigid, metallic, structure
• in the case of longer pool shapes, support frames,
• peripheral pool border or coping,
• liner to ensure water tightness,
• complete filtration system including skimmer, discharge, pump and filter
• ladder,
• maintenance kit: brush, telescopic handle, floating pipe....

Inflatable pools

Their design does not feature a metallic structure. An inflatable, PVC pool constitutes a watertight pocket topped with an inflated cylindrical peripheral finish which secures the top of the pool.
When filled with water, hydraulic pressure gains further stability to wall sections, providing a perfectly stable pool.
Inflate, fill, swim!
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Starting from 323 eur Including VAT.

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