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ELECRO Vulcan Nano + pool heater for above ground pools

Elecro Vulcan Nano +
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ELECRO NANO Titanium pool heater for above ground pools
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Pool heater for above ground pools up to 25m3,
Minimum water flow 1m³/h, mechanical thermostat,
Requires small installation space, compatible with salt electrolysis
  • Single-phase
The ELECRO Vulcan Nano plus electric heater is a dependable and robust fully equipped pool heater. Integrating a resistance of 3kW, efficiently heating above ground and inground pools up to 25m³ approximately*. The resistance of this heater is made from titanium and so, is compatible with salt water treatment.

Easy to use The control panel of the pool heater is situated on the front facing section of outer casing, giving easy access to program the desired temperature.

Easy to use The electric heater is designed to easily integrate into your filtering system. Adaptors are supplied to facilitate connection by flexible pipes. The heater can be easily installed on the floor or wall of your technical house.

Inlet and outlet connections allow you to easily connect this heater to your plumbing network. The water inlets deign makes allowances for a total immersion of the heaters elements which considerably reduces the risk of air locks.

We propose two models: The Nano Incoloy compatible with soft water treatments and the Nano Titanium compatible with salt water treatment (including salt electrolysis).
Each heater is composed of a flow tube featuring specific formula high-temperature polymer seals situated at the water inlet and outlet, also, a reversible flow detector to facilitate installation.
Nano Titanium
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Each pool heater is composed of a tube featuring inlet and outlets made from a specific polymer alloy coupled with a reversible flow detector to facilitate installation.

*With the use of a thermal cover


You can manually adjust the desired temperature using the mechanical thermostat situated on the front-facing section of the outer casing of the pool heater.

Equipment safety and protection is provided by an ultra reliable flow switch. Over-heating protection is provided by a security thermostat (manual reset).

Technical features

Salt water
Power supply
230V single-phase
Power output
Minimum water flow
Maximum water flow
Flow tube
BS 316L Stainless Steel
From 0 to 40°C by stages of 1°C
Circuit breaker
Security at 55°C with manual reset
Flow detector
Gold tipped reed switch with titanium fulcrum pin
Floor or vertical wall mounting
1 1/2” BSP female thread
Supplied connectors for flexible pipe
1 1/2” or 1 1/4” hose tails
Maximum working pressure
4 bars
High temperature, silicone casing, stranded copper conductors

ELECRO pool heater compliances

Conform with norms
European directive in reference to electromagnetic compatibility 89/336/EEC et 93/068/EEC,
Conform with norms
EN 55014 – EN 55104, EN 5501, EN 5502, CEI 801-4, CEI 801-2, CEI 801-3
Conform with norms
The European Low Voltage Directive 72/23/EEC
Conform with norms
The Harmonised Standard EN 60335-2-35

Dimensions in mm

Dimensions NANO


2 years

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