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Harvia is the name that represents more than 60 years of experience in the domain of saunas. Globally renowned in the manufacture of sauna stoves, Harvia has developed a complete range of products that reply to the needs of the overall market. Capable of meeting all needs, Harvia offer stoves, benches, pre-assembled sauna cabins, bathroom saunas... Harvia equally provides all that is needed to fully benefit from your infrared sauna or hammam.

Stove operation

An electric sauna stove is designed to produce heat and steam inside your sauna cabin. The standard model features a time switch and temperature control. The stove body is composed of electrical resistances, a stone compartment and evaporator with reservoir for the "combi" versions.

Steam production

When using the standard version, simply pour water onto the hot sauna stones.
The "combi" version of stove features an evaporator which is "fed" by the water reservoir and controlled by an external management unit.
The external management unit can:
Manage stove settings
Manage the evaporator depending on the set humidity level.
Manage overall operation

Harvia Topclass Combi
Combi version of stove with evaporator
and reservoir on front panel. External management unit
Standard model Harvia Topclass

Standard stove with side control panel

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