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Harvia Profi electric stove

Harvia Profi electric sauna stove
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HARVIA PROFI L20 electric sauna stove
For saunas between 18 and 66m³ in volume,
Stainless steel structure,
Fast rise in temperature

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HARVIA PROFI L20 electric sauna stove
Ref. 014348
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2383 €
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HARVIA PROFI L26 electric sauna stove
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HARVIA PROFI L30 electric sauna stove
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HARVIA PROFI L33 electric sauna stove
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Sauna stones calibrated from 10 to 15cm, 20 Kg box
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Harvia Profi electric stove in detail

The Harvia Profi is a highly performant stove offering a fast rise in temperature (nearly 80°C in 20 minutes) in saunas with a large volume (66m³ maximum).

This model is perfectly adapted to :
- Gyms
- Well-being centers
- Hotels
- Holiday complexes


Four models are available :
- L20 with a capacity of 20kw
- L26 with a capacity of 26kw
- L30 with a capacity of 30kw
- L33 with a capacity of 33kw

Control panel

The Profi stoves are managed by a control unit which can :
- preheat your sauna (up to 12h in advance)
- program the duration of the sauna (4, 6 or 12h)
- control temperature (+40 to +110°C)
Harvia Profi electric sauna stove


Minimum volume of sauna18m³30m³40m³46m³
Maximum volume of sauna30m³46m³56m³66m³
Minimum height of sauna2100mm2200mm2200mm2200mm
Maximum capacity of stone compartment100kg100kg100kg100kg


This stove must be placed on ground level, close to benches.

Security distances

Security distance A in relation to side panel160mm160mm200mm200mm
Security distance B in relation to lower bench100mm100mm100mm100mm
Security distance C in relation to upper bench200mm200mm200mm200mm
Security distance D in relation to ceiling1400mm1500mm1500mm1500mm
Spacer20 Frontal view (1), Profile view (2).

Security distances Harvia Profi electric sauna stove

Electrical connection

The Profi stove requires a three-phase power supply.

Supply voltage400V 3N400V 3 N400V 3 N400V 3 N
Cable sections for command unit5 x 10mm²5 x 16mm²5 x 16mm²5 x 16mm²
Cable sections for stove connection5 x 2,5mm²5 x 6mm²5 x 6mm²5 x 6mm²
Fuses3 x 35A3 x 50A3 x 50A3 x 50A

The kit includes :

- 1 Harvia Profi stove
- 1 sensor to control and adjust temperature in the sauna

Optional equipment

- Classic C260 control unit Harvia Classic distance control unit for Sauna
- 100kg of volcanic sauna stones needed for operation.
Sauna stones for HARVIA Topclass electric stove


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