Steps for pools

Discover our range of steps for inground and above ground pools,
Our range includes 4 types of steps:
- Removable steps,
- Stainless steel with handrails,
- Acrylic steps (as part of the pool structure),
- Steps fitted under pool liner.

Pool steps in detail

Removable pool steps and stairs composed from stainless steel with handrail offering à more practical and comfortable access than a basic pool ladder.
They can be installed without intensive or complicated labouring. Excellent stability results in compatibility with all pool configurations.
Dom Composit reinforced acrylic steps ensure pool access as well as the creation of a relaxation zone in your pool.
Positioned on the width, length or angle of the pool, our collection of steps are easily installed and can, substitute one, or several panels of the pool structure.
Pool liner is flanged to the surface of the structure but not the step surface as to avoid all risk of slipping or folding.
A wide variety of dimensions, heights and colours allow you to selection the perfect step structure for your pool depending on your technical and esthetic criteria.
Dom Composit under liner range greatly facilitates pool access. Positioned under the pool liner width, length or angle of the pool.
Depending on the model, the acrylic steps should be:
- fixed to the pool structure, steps should be placed on a supporting undersurface (concrete block) to ensure stability.
- positioned against the pool structure, supporting PVC tubes should be filled with concrete.
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