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Starting from : 65 

By-Pass kit, ideal to connect a heat pump, heater or automatic water treatment system... 50 or 63mm diameter available.

Price : 450 

Connection kit for heat pump, Fast and easy installation, Pipes and fittings included

Starting from : 789 

For pools up to 50m3, Titanium heat exchanger, Digital control Single-phase

Starting from : 868 

Very low noise level in operation, For pools up to 85m3 Titanium exchanger Single-phase

Starting from : 899 

Titanium heat exchanger, automatic defrost, gas R410A, operational to -10°c maximum, by-pass kit and winter cover included. Single-phase

Starting from : 910 

Titanium exchanger, Operational from 5°C, Compatible with all pools and water treatments, Automatic defrost function

Starting from : 1390 

Titanium exchanger, reversible function, Compatible with salt electrolysis, automatic defrost Single-phase

Starting from : 1666 

Heats or cools your pool water, TITANIUM exchanger, automatic defrost option, operational up to -10°C, offset control panel. Compatible with...

Starting from : 1783 

Titanium exchanger, Operational from 5°C, Reversible hot/cold, ABS bodywork, Digital control, portable up to 10m Scroll or rotary...

Starting from : 1999 

Heat pump operational during the 4 seasons to a maximum negative temperature of -10°C, Inverter compressor with variable speed : making economies...

Starting from : 2921 

ZODIAC heat pumps For pools from 30m³ to 400m³ Compatible with salt electrolysis Titanium exchanger

Starting from : 3020 

Swimming pool heat pump world leader Origin: USA Salt electrolysis water treatment compatible

Starting from : 3690 

For pools up to 220m³, Automatic defrost, Operational up to -10°c, Titanium exchanger, COPELAND Scroll™ compressor, By-pass kit and winter...

Starting from : 4378 

French manufactured heat pumps specifically for swimming pools featuring Titanium plates exclusively from Climexel Operational from -5°C or...

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump collects calories present in the ambient air to heat your pool by transforming them into heat diffused into the pool water by a thermal exchange.

A heat pump works using the same principle as a fridge but inversed. A fridge transfers heat to the exterior to cool its inside temperature. A heat pump transfers calories present in the ambient air to heat your pool water.

A heat pump is composed of a compressor, exchanger, condenser and ventilator. It uses cooling gas to operate.

Heat pumps are easily installed in your pool, the hydraulic connection is put into use by a by-pass the outlet of the pools filtration system.

You can heat your pool water at a very competitive cost of approximately 2 Euros a day for 50 m3 pool.


- Ecological, environmentally friendly.
- Energy savings
- High performance, consuming 1kw for 5kw produced
- Easy installation

Schema depicting the connection to your pools hydraulic system

1. Heat pump
2. Pool pump
3. Pool filter
4. Suction
5. Discharge
6. Condensation evacuation
7. Inlet hot air
8. Outlet cold air
9. Power supply

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