Solar heating

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Solar heating solutions in detail

3 available versions : Solar mat alone, solar mat with manual or automatic regulation.

Solar mat alone

Solar heating systems are made from flexible bands that can be cut to fit the surface and shape of their installation area.

Supplied with collectors, you can connect the material to your filtration or independent hydraulic circuit exclusively used to heat your pool water.

Solar heating systems can be installed directly on the ground, on a terrace or roof with inclination.

Manual regulation

The manual regulation is effectuated with a 3-way valve used by the filtration pump to circulate water through the sensors, which are placed in proximity to the technical shelter. Warning : the captors must no be in service during the night or bad weather (rain, snow, cold weather) as it will lower your pool temperature.

Installation solar heating with manual regulation

Manual heating

1. Suction
2. Filtration pump
3. Filter
4. Non-return valve
5. 3-way valve
6. Solar cell
7. Discharge to pool

Automatic regulation

Automatic regulation with auxiliary pump optimises energy efficiency without passing water through the captors when climatical conditions are not ideal.

This configuration is ideal when captor installation is further from the technical shelter.

Installation of solar system with automatic regulation

Automatic heating

1. Suction
2. Filtration pump
3. Filter
4. Flow control
5. Water temperature probe
6. Auxillary pump
7. Discharge towards pool
8. Solar mat
9. Ambient air temperature probe
10. Electric box for automatic regulation

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