Chlorine pool water treatment

Chlorine water treatment products for water disinfection,
Slow or fast release, for everyday treatment or punctual shock treatments, chlorine stabilisers...

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Slow diffusion chlorine to eliminate all types of micro-organisms (bacteria, algae, fungus) present in your pool water. Ideal to regularly...

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5 action chlorine tablets: disinfectant, anti-algae, flocculant, pH buffer, clarifier for efficient pool water treatment

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Stabilised shock chlorine treatment in granule form Clears green or troubled water

Starting from : 127 

Shock chlorine treatment, immediate action, Clears green or troubled water, Inorganic or stabilised action

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The stabilising product that avoids the degradation of chlorine under the action of UV rays. Conditioned in 6x 1kg buckets.

Starting from : 129 

Liquid chlorine without stabiliser, Ideal for use with Redox dosing pump, 20 L drum

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