Filtration pumps for pools

Filtration pumps for residential and public pools
Compatible with all water treatments (depending on chosen model),
Single-phase or three-phase power supply,
For all volumes of pool water.

Starting from : 140.40 

Pump for pools up to 95m3, Inlet and outlet 1"1/2, Fast opening pre-filter featuring wing nuts

Starting from : 167 

Self-priming pumps ranging in capacity from 0,25 to 0,60hp, water flow 1,5 to 6,5m³/h, Ideal for small volumes and above ground pools.... Single-phase

Starting from : 242.17 

Designed for small above ground or inground pools Self-priming Low energy consumption Very low noise level in operation Single-phase

Starting from : 254 

Self-priming pump, Excellent value for money, Very low noise level in operation, Compatible with salt electrolysis, Water flow from 7 to... Single-phase

Starting from : 269 

Large dimensioned pre-filter, Fast self-priming action, Robust Single-phase

Starting from : 271.30 

Specific for above-ground pools Complete with pre-filter and transparent lid, Water flow 4 to 11m3/h Single-phase
Salt water pump
Maximum pool volume 44 m3

Starting from : 288 

Self-priming centrifugal pumps for above ground pools, Compatible with salt water and salt electrolysis systems

Starting from : 299 

Self-priming pump, High performance, Low noise level in operation, Large capacity pre-filter Water flow from 10 to 34 m3/h Compatible with... Single-phase

Starting from : 299 

Self-priming pump with a capacity ranging between 0,75 and 1,5 HP Waterflow ranging between 11 and 18m³/h, Very low noise level in operation,... Single-phase

Starting from : 323 

Large capacity pre-filter Inlet/Outlet threaded 1"1/2 For soft or salt water Single-phase
Salt water pump

Starting from : 329 

Self-priming centrifugal pumps, Compatible with salt water and electrolysis, Capacity ranges from 0,25HP to 1HP, Connection 50mm

Starting from : 329 

Self-priming pump, Pre-filter with large capacity (4.8L), Low noise level in operation, capacity range 1/2 to 3 HP, Compatible with salt... Single-phase

Starting from : 359 

Self-priming pump Connection diameter 50mm or 63mm Fresh or salt water Single-phase

Starting from : 379 

Centrifugal pump made from glass-fibre reinforced resin Connection 50 mm in diameter Single-phase

Starting from : 399 

Self-priming pumps, 2 or 3 hp, High water flow, 26.5 to 33.5m³/h, Very low noise level in operation Compatible with salt treatment systems Single-phase

Starting from : 409 

Pack including pump and sand filter SKYPOOL 9 m3/h and 14m3/h for pools with a maximum volume of 60m3

Starting from : 430 

Compatible with salt treatment, Pre-filter with screw on lid, Threaded inlet/outlet 2", Supplied with 50 or 63 mm Single-phase
Salt water pump

Starting from : 440.40 

Very low noise level in operation, Pre-filter with large capacity, Transparent pre-filter lid, 63mm inlet and outlet Maximum pool volume 90 m3

Starting from : 499 

Self-priming pump, Connector 63 mm in diameter, 1/4 turn lid High water flow Single-phase

Price : 499 

Self-priming pump, 2 horsepower, Three phase, Barely audible in operation

Starting from : 500 

Very low noise level in operation, Compatible with salt water treatments, Pre-filter basket with large capacity

Starting from : 529 

Compatible with salt water treatment, Removable motor block, Inlet-outlet : 2" threaded, Very quiet in operation

Starting from : 589 

Pump for filtration block 0.4 and 1.1 kW, compatible with Desjoyaux® filtration blocks, resistant to high temperatures (up to 65°C) and poorly...

Starting from : 589 

Self-priming filtration pump Compatible with salt treatment and salt electrolysis Inlet/outlet 63 mm in diameter 1"½ is the equivalent to 50... Single-phase

Starting from : 661.20 

Very low noise level in operation Large capacity pre-filter Transparent lid, easy to manipulate Single-phase

Starting from : 670 

Very low noise level in operation, Large capacity pre-filter, 5-year guarantee Single-phase

Starting from : 849 

Transform your regular filtration pump into a variable speed pump, Manual and programmed mode available, Lengthens the lifespan of your pump,...

Starting from : 1199 

Water flow up to 48m3/h Highly resistant polypropylene body work 5-year guarantee Single-phase

Starting from : 1249 

Featuring 4 programs for pump and flow settings, Lengthened lifespan, Energy savings, Quiet running, Compatible with salt water treatment...

Starting from : 1390 

Flow ranging from 50m3/h up to 78m3/h, Ø90mm female connections to be stuck, Large capacity pre-filter, Very high resistance Three-phase

Price : 1665 

Variable speed filtration pump Economic, ecological Compatible with salt water treatment Stainless steel turbine shaft Pre-filter with...

Price : 1685 

Variable speed pool pump Economic, ecological Very low noise level Compatible with salt water treatment Frost protection

Price : 1685 

Variable speed pump Economic, ecological, Compatible with salt water treatment Pre-filter with screw on lid Frost protection

Starting from : 1849 

Self-priming pumps, flow up to 56m3/h, Union connections Ø75mm to Ø90mm to be stuck Three-phase

Starting from : 2290 

Centrifugal pumps for large pools Flow up to 190m3/h, Rotation 3000 tr/min, Connections Ø90mm up to Ø140mm Three-phase

Starting from : 2324 

Centrifugal pumps, 1500 tr/min, Water flow 275m3/h, connections Ø90mm to Ø160mm Three-phase

Starting from : Consult us

Self-priming pump 50mm connections For salt or soft water

Starting from : 269 

Self-priming pump, large capacity pre-filter (4.8L), Leroy Sommer motor operationally very quiet, pump capacity 0.75 or 1.5 HP, Compatible...

Your pool pump capacity is defined by the volume of water you need to filter. The total volume of pool water should be recycled every 4 to 6 hours.
For a pool with a volume of 50m3, use a pump with a capacity between 8 and 12m3/h.
For a pool with a volume of 100m3, use a pump with a capacity between 17 and 25m3/h.

Your pump should always be adapted to the capacity of your Pool filter and should not be over-dimensioned to avoid any risk of damage to your equipment.

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