Intelliflo Whisperflo VSD

Intelliflo Whisperflo VSD
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WHISPERFLO VSD variable speed pump
EUR 2053.44
Variable speed filtration pump
Economic, ecological
Compatible with salt water treatment
Stainless steel turbine shaft
Pre-filter with screw on lid
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Intelliflo WhisperFlo VSD in detail

The Intelliflo WhisperFlo VS-3050 variable speed pump features the latest advanced technology concerning motorisation, offering unequalled energetic performance, long lifespan and is barely audible in operation.

Intelliflo Whisperflo VSD

Energy performance

Did you know that a low-quality pool pump consumes as much energy as 7 refrigerators? Imagine the economic and ecological impact that this creates. Intelliflo uses an adjustable 4-speed varied frequency motor. This type of motor is inspired by those used with hybrid motors. Its high energy performance enables you to lower your energy bill by a minimum of 30 %.
The intelliflo VS-3050 pump is totally programmable and adapts to the optimal speed of filtration for your pool. This pump can equally be used for specific uses that demand a high water flow, such as heating, cleaning, spa jets or water features in your pool.
This pump can be used on a long filtration cycle at reduced speed with a very low energy consumption. Compared to a 2-speed basic pump, Intelliflo uses up to 90 % less energy.

Why use Intelliflo ?

• Because of its low noise level in operation : the magnetic motor and the outer ventilation of the pump ensure the low noise level. Used at slow speed, the pump is barely audible.

• Because of its long lifespan : in operation, varied frequency motor produces less heat and vibration than a traditional induction motor. These elements are known to be the cause of problems after several years of use. This pump equally features a program of intelligent self-diagnosis, warning of the most frequent problems such as overheating, overcharge or frost.

• Because it can evolve : A pool is a source of permanent investment. Add solar heating, modify the filter of your pool, add a water feature... You no longer have to change your pump to accommodate your new features. Just push a button to change the pump to the optimised speed for your pool. You will continue to make economies even if you modify the configuration of your pool.

• Because it adapts to your water features: You require higher fountains or a fast flowing waterfall? Select a stronger flow and you can create a specific poolside atmosphere to enhance an enjoyable evening or day.

Whisperflo control panel

Control panel

1. 16 button screen indicating motor rotation and consumption.

2. 4 available speeds

3. Easy access to all pump features

Technical features

• Adaptable to most pools, this pump ranges in capacity from 0,5 to 3 HP
• Multi-application pump
• Unequalled low noise level
• Motor does not rise in temperature
• Multitouch technology to detect problems
• Integrated frost protection with immediate start at 4°C air temperature
• Compatible with the Whisperflo classic, and can be installed without modification
• Easy to use control panel
• Permanent magnetic motor with high energy performance
• Pump designed for permanent use
• Pump can communicate with automation using IntelliComm technology

pH range
4 to 9
Maximum operational pressure
3.5 Bar
Type de protection
Insulation class
Rotations per minute (rpm)
0 - 3450
1 ~
Inlet outlet threading
2” BSP

Performance chart Intelliflo Whisperflo VS 3050


2 years

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