ARAL C1500 pump - for public pools

ARAL C1500 pump for public pool
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ARAL C1500 C1 3HP pump three-phase, 2.2kW, 50m3/h, Ø75/Ø63
Centrifugal pumps, 1500 tr/min,
Water flow 275m3/h, connections Ø90mm to Ø160mm
  • Three-phase
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ARAL C1500 C1 3HP pump three-phase, 2.2kW, 50m3/h, Ø75/Ø63
Ref. Abatik 000333 Ref. Provider 48260
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2324 €
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ARAL C1500 C2 4HP pump three-phase, 3kW, 68m3/h, Ø90/Ø75
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ARAL C1500 C3 5.5HP pump three-phase, 4kW, 88m3/h, Ø90/Ø75
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ARAL C1500 C5 7.5HP pump three-phase, 5.5kW, 115m3/h, Ø110/Ø90
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ARAL C1500 C6 10HP three-phase, 7.5kW, 150m3/h, Ø110/Ø90
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ARAL C1500 C7 12.5HP pump three-phase, 9.2kW, 192m3/h, Ø140/Ø110
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ARAL C1500 C8 15HP pump three-phase 11kW, 200m3/h, Ø140/Ø110
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ARAL C1500 C9 20HP pump three-phase, 15kW, 240m3/h, Ø160/Ø140
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ARAL C1500 C10 25HP pump three-phase, 18.40kW, 275m3/h, Ø160/Ø140
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The ARAL C-1500 replies to the criteria of filtration groups used in the majority of public pools.
The water filtration in public pools is subject to strict health and safety guidelines, that must be respected to ensure correct, irreproachable water quality.
- Public pool water should be filtered, disinfected and sanitised and must conform to the norm set by local authorities.
For these reasons, the choice of filtration pump must reply to sanitary requirements, being, in general : that all pools having a depth equal or lesser than 1,50 m should be filtered in a maximum time lapse of 1h30. For pools with a depth greater than 1.50m should be filtered in 3h maximum.


ARAL 1500 centrifugal pumps are specifically designed for use in public pools. The pump's bodywork and pre-filter are made from cast iron with water flow ranging from 50m3/h up to 275 m3/h at 10 head.
The inlets integrate a flange connection following the norm DIN-2501 PN 16. The available suction connections range from DN 65-21/2” up to DN 150-6” and the impulsion connections from DN 50-2” up to DN-125-5”. The electrical protection index for the motor is IP-54 with Class F insulation.

Easy to care for

This pumps design allows a total disassembly of the pumps disk parts from the coupling end, without having to disassemble the body of the pump.

Hard wearing and durable

The manufacture of the base of the pump with its cast iron bodywork offers a solid structure that remains unalterable.

Motor insulation

The motor of the pump is protected from water projections by means of its Class F isolation and can withstand an internal temperature of 155ºC.

Manufacturing materials

- Cast iron body and wheel
- Stainless steel axis with bronze cladding.
- AISI-316 stainless steel spring featured on mechanical seals.
- AISI-304 or AISI-316 stainless steel pre-filter basket (depending on model).

ModelVoltageAmperageCapacity kW/HPFlow*SuctionDischargeWeight
C1480V5.7A2.2kW / 3HP50 m3/hØ75mmØ63mm107kg
C2480V7A3kW / 4HP68 m3/hØ90mmØ75mm115kg
C3480V9.7A4kW / 5.5HP88 m3/hØ90mmØ75mm142kg
C5480V12.3A5.5kW / 7.5HP115 m3/hØ110mmØ90mm170kg
C6480V16.4A7.5kW / 10HP150m3/hØ110mmØ90mm215kg
C7480V19A9.20kW / 12.5HP192m3/hØ140mmØ110mm215kg
C8480V24A11kW / 15HP200m3/hØ140mmØ110mm245kg
C9480V32A15kW / 20HP240m3/hØ160mmØ140mm255kg
C10480V39A18.40kW / 25HP275m3/hØ160mmØ140mm255kg

* Flow measured at 10 mWc

Performance chart ARAL C 1500
Composition of the pump ARAL C 1500 for public pools

1. Facilitated opening and closing system of pre-filter.
2. Pre-filter basket featuring DIN certified tightening collar.
3. Stainless steel basket .
4. Standardised dimensions of pump body.
5. Dynamically balanced wheel.
6. Bronze wear rings.
7. Bronze cladding.
8. EuroClass F .
Scattered view ARAL C 1500

Dimensions Aral C 1500
C148220016018516565 - 2 1/2"50 - 2"7021210043227036094880145125
C248222818020018880 - 3"65 - 2 1/2"9525012541931040850880160145
C3484252.519620018880 - 3"65 - 2 1/2"120280162403333448.534967160145
C4484252.519620018880-3"65-2 1/2"120280162403410448.5391044160145


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