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Pool maintenance products, chemical water treatment

Chemical treatment products for your pool water: chlorine, bromine; anti-algae, pH corrector, flocculant, anti-bacterial water disinfectant, to avoid photosynthesis and algae development... Wasp and Insect repellent

Starting from : 212 

Pack including all you require for complete water treatment, Including shock chlorine, multifunctional chlorine, pH corrector - or +, algaecide...

Starting from : 129 

Chlorine based range of products for water disinfection Fast release or slow diffusion, regular or shock treatment, chlorine stabiliser

Starting from : 96 

Full range of bromine products for the disinfection and treatment of your pool water Tablets, shock bromine treatments, brominators...

Starting from : 45 

Repel wasps, mosquitos and other flying insects from your pool environment To pour into or around your pool.

Starting from : 60 

Complete range of pH correction products to balance your pool water: pH + or -, powder or liquid form

Starting from : 50 

All you need for the maintenance of your pool during the winterizing process: Winterizing products for pools, floaters, caps, buoys, gizmos, pool...

Price : 161 

Clearpool water treatment pack including chlorine, shock chlorine, pH corrector, and waterline cleaner for pools up to 80m3

Starting from : 50 

Clarifiers, flocculants, anti-limescale, alkaline corrector, anti-algae, TAC and TH corrector, anti-metal deposit, anti-mould treatments...

Price : 60 

Developed to prevent limescale deposits on your pool walls and floor, Compatible with cartridge, DE, sand and zeolite, filtration systems,...

Price : 90 

CLARIFIER to agglomerate particles in suspension in your pool water Shock action 6 x 1L

Price : 201 

4 x 3L containers of HTH BLACK anti-algae shock treatment for pools

Price : 100 

OVY JET 35 effective preventive and curative treatment against algae, rust stains and limescale deposits 6x 1L containers

Price : 152 

HTH SUPER KLERAL triple action clarifier for pools conditioned in 4 containers of 3L Anti-algae, anti-limescale, metal deposit sequester

Price : 232 

Pool treatment active against minerals dissolved in pool water to avoid metallic and limescale deposits

Starting from : 100 

Heightens TAC levels, stabilises pH levels present in pool water pH by increasing buffering effect

Starting from : Consult us

4 buckets of 5 kg HTH granulate H100 - Removes mould from pool tiles and tile pointing at the pool bottom.

Price : 161 

Complete winterizing kit for pools up to 8x4m including: 3 caps 2 Gizmos 20 floaters 1x5l container of winterizing product

Price : 181 

Complete winterizing kit for pools up to 10x5 m including: 4 caps 2 Gizmos 24 floaters 1x5l container of winterizing product

Price : 40 

Ecological product, Contributes towards environmental friendliness, Allows pool water to be recycled for other uses, such as watering,...

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