OVY JET anti-algae 35 triple action treatment

OVY JET anti-algae 35 triple action treatment
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OVY JET 35 anti algae triple action treatment 6 x 1L containers
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OVY JET 35 effective preventive and curative treatment against algae, rust stains and limescale deposits 6x 1L containers
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- Non-foaming, clarifying curative treatment
- Anti-algae, sequesters metal and limescale deposits
- Offers complete synergy with all pool treatments
- Non-foaming

Recommendations for use

For a preventive and curative treatment out of season:

The pool should be empty and clean. Hose down the pool walls with JET 35 diluted to 1 : 10. Insist on the sealing parts inserted on the pool walls: Skimmers, ducts, main drain, discharge nozzles, and tile groutings. Leave to activate for 1 hour, then fill your pool.

For maintenance treatment during the season :

Add 1/2 litre JET 35 /35 m3 to your pool water every 15 days as a preventive treatment.

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