OVY ALCAFIX alkaline treatment

OVY ALCAFIX alkaline treatment for pools
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Ref. 007654
OVY ALCAFIX alkaline correction treatment 4 x 5kg buckets
Heightens TAC levels, stabilises pH levels present in pool water pH by increasing buffering effect
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OVY ALCAFIX alkaline correction treatment 4 x 5kg buckets
Ref. 007654
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100 €
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OVY ALCAFIX alkaline corrector treatment 4 x 5 kgs buckets
Ref. 007653
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OVY Alcafix avoids fast pH variations in your poolwater.

TAC, or water hardness is the indication of mineral content present in your pool water.

Instructions for use

200g of Alcafix for 10m3 to heighten TAC by 1°F(1°F=10mg/L CaCO3), directly into the pool water, in front of the discharge nozzles with the filtration system on.

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