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Above ground pools, tubular or inflatable

Buying an above ground pool is the best solution to quickly enjoy water activities.
Totally independent, our range of above ground pools use a full filtration system to refresh and recycle water.

Our different models :

Starting from : 1090 

Less expensive than an in-ground pool, an above ground pool is installed quickly and is filled by using a hose pipe.

1. Tubular pools

Using a rigid, tubular structure (steel tubes inserted one to the other) onto which a reinforced polyester material (PVC canvas) is attached.
The PVC canvas is very resistant and does not risk tearing when used in the recommended conditions.

2. Above ground steel panel pools

In general, round, oval or eight-shaped. These steel panel kits include :
• A rigid, metallic structure,
• Supporting legs for longer pool shapes,
• A peripheral pool border
• A liner to ensure sealing
• A filtration system complete with skimmer, discharge, pump and filter
• An access ladder
• A maintenance kit: brush, telescopic shaft, floating pipe...

3. Inflatable pools

Designed without a rigid structure, the inflatable pool is presented as a PVC pocket with inflated cushions that support the upper section of the pool. When the pool is filled, water pressure raises the pool walls. This simple system makes the pool perfectly stable. Inflate, fill and your pool is ready!
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