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Full range of bromine products for the disinfection and treatment of your pool water
Tablets, shock bromine treatments, brominators...

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Bromine water treatment, efficient even at high temperatures, Does not sting eyes, Highly resistant to pH variations

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Bromine water treatment to disinfect your pool or spa Efficient even at high temperatures

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Bromine pool water treatment, efficient even at high temperatures Does not sting eyes or skin Insensitive to pH variations

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Bromine shock treatment and reactivates bromine, Quickly gains bromine levels present in pool water and clears green or troubled water.

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Bromine in powder form for use with electrolyser, power disinfectant which complements salt water treatment. Odourless and does not cause irritation.

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Complete treatment for your bromine spa treatment in one box. Contains: Bromine Spa shock, Bromine Long Spa, Spa sparkle, Waterline Cleaner, 1...

Used for pool water treatment, bromine functions as an oxidant, disinfectant and algaecide. In its natural state, it is found in sea water.
Bromine is particularly useful in warmer water up to a high temperature, which is why it is often used to cleanse spas and balneotherapy equipment. Bromine can be used in complement to non-organic chlorine (Calcium hypochlorite). It is incompatible with stabilised non-organic chlorine and stabilisers.

Advantages of bromine treatment:
- Less irritating than chlorine (does not produce chloramines) and does not irritate eyes.
- Easy to use, cumulates anti-algae treatment and disinfection. Avoids the use of multiple products.
- Less sensitive to pH variations while offering optimal efficiency. For example, in water with a pH 8, bromine will remain active at 80%, in the same conditions, chlorine has an active level of 20%.
- Bromine does not contain a stabiliser (the vast majority of chlorine products contain stabiliser), avoid the requirement of changing pool water due to over-stabilisation.
Bromine tablets are diffused using:
- A brominator constantly diffuses the optimal quantity of bromine required in your pool water.
- In your skimmer basket (1 to 2 tablets)

Bromine lowers the pH level of your pool - gain pH using the range of pH correction products.

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