Pool shutter and cover cleaner 3L

Descaling pool shutter and cover cleaner - 3l container
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Pool shutter and cover cleaner 3L
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Descaling agent,
for shutters, covers and pool enclosures,
3-litre container

Descaling cleaner for pool covers, shutters and pool enclosures

This descaling, cleaning liquid based on acidic and tensoactif agents, perfectly adapted to automatic pool shutters, tarps, covers and enclosures.
Eliminates limescale deposits, grease stains and algae marks between slats and surfaces.

Non-aggressive towards synthetic or metallic materials.

Descaling shutter cleaner solution

Descaling shutter cleaner solution   3l container
We recommend : that automatic shutters and covers are cleaned once or twice per year.

How to use

1 l of cleaning liquid per 10 m2.

Pulverise or apply the solution without diluting to the surface which should be cleaned.
Allow reacting for 10 to 15 min, without totally drying.
Rinse with clean water with the pool filtration system on.
Particles of dirt trapped by the product will be retained by the filter and eliminated by a back wash.
If required, readjust the pH of the pool water.

Product storage:
o To be stored in the product's original container, closed, upright, frost protected
o PE containers, which are totally empty and perfectly clean can be recycled.

Safety guidelines

Never mix in concentrated form with other chemical solutions
Consult the instructions and safety guidelines on the container label.

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