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Discover all our offers on automatic pool cleaners : electric or hydraulic, for private or public pools, many promotions at discount price.

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How does a pool cleaner work?

There are 5 categories of cleaners : independent electric cleaners, hydraulic with booster pump, hydraulic without booster pump (suction powered), manual vacuum and those dedicated to the cleanliness of public pools. During the swimming season, it is essential to maintain the cleanliness of your pool. You have the possibility to :
- Clean manually, using a pipe connected to the skimmer or brush adaptor,
- Use an automatic pool cleaner

How does a pool cleaner work?

To invest in a pool cleaner will save time so you can enjoy using your pool instead of cleaning it. This can save you up to an hour a day, depending on your pools use.
The cleaner will use suction power on all the dirt and debris situated at the bottom of the pool.
Easy to use, just immerse in your pool water and switch on.

Types of cleaners

Various technology is used in the family of pool cleaners.

Electric cleaners

These cleaners are completely independent and easy to use.
Composed of a transformer, one or several electrical motors and a suction pump.
Just plug into a 220v domestic plug, immerse in water (to evacuate residual air) and begin the cleaning cycle.
Electric pool cleaners move quickly, clean the walls and waterline of your pool (depending on the model).
The debris suctioned is collected in a bag or filter cartridge that can be cleaned.
These cleaners use a complementary filtering action between the powerful pump and the filter bag.

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Aquabot Bravo electric pool cleaner

Hydraulic pool cleaners

They use the filtration circuit of your pool as a source of energy. To operate, just connect the skimmer to the brush adaptor to begin the cleaning cycle. This group of cleaners only address the pool floor. The collected debris is sent to the pool filter, indicating the need of a regular backwash or cleaning of your filter substance.

Hydraulic pool cleaners with booster pump

These cleaners use the pressure of a booster pump installed in your technical shelter, connected to the filtration circuit. The booster pump powers the cleaner with pressurised water, ensuring trajectory and suction (with Venturi jets) into independent collection bags. This family of cleaners only clean the floor of the pool.

Robot brand names

Hayward Pool Vac Ultra
Polaris pool cleaners
Dolphin pool cleaners (Maytronics)
Aquatron (aquabot) pool cleaners
Zodiac pool cleaners
Hydraulic cleaners Baracuda
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