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Spas with a capacity of up to 11 places selected for their fully equipped range of options,
Swimming spas with hydro massage functions and counter current option
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- BALBOA control panel, dependable and intelligent, featuring intuitive display and settings in real-time (water temperature, pumps in operation, ozone generator...)
- Aromatherapy diffusion (depending on model) enabling you to diffuse essential oils in your spa water.
- Therapeutic seating with specific directional jets being able to aim up to 10 different pressure points, depending on the chosen model.
- Combined and variable jets allow different types of massages, gentle or more intense.
- Adjustable water supply to power jets,
- Polyurethane foam insulation on tub to minimise heat loss,
- Thermic cover with security system,
- LED multicoloured lighting features, spots and contour of tub
- Heating system and recycling of water


When full of water, a spa with a three person capacity can weigh more than 1 000kg. So it is indispensable to check the weight that can be supported on the surface where the spa will be installed by a professional contractor, certainly in the case of upstairs or terrace installation.

Call a certified electrician to check and certify the electrical connection for your spa (conform to the norm C 15-100).

Your spa will enable you to benefit in full the properties of hot water massage, with your family or friends, evacuating stress and fatigue.

For sports lovers, the swimming spa combines swimming counter-current and relaxation.

Spas do not require any further installation than a domestic plug and a hose pipe to fill up.

They are operational all year round, outdoors or on a terrace (anticipate good air circulation), with a water temperature on average, between 30 and 37°C.

The installation is completed on a flat, stable surface with a source of water in proximity and electric plug nearby.

Install your spa:
- Outdoors in a sheltered place, preferably on a concrete floor.
- Indoors, in an accessible, ventilated area. Anticipate a dehumidifier to deal with dampness generated by water evaporation.
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