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OLYMPIC swim spa

Olympic swimspa
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Ref. Abatik 000794
Olympic swimspa
5 person capacity, 34 jets, counter current swimming system
Dimensions 4,50 x 2,50 x 1,35 m
Lucite® acrylic tub
  • Up to 5 persons
Optional, CD, FM radio and Subwoofer for spa
Ref. Abatik 008135
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1707 €
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STEP for spa
Ref. Abatik 001613 Ref. Provider volition
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Bromine treatment box for spa
Ref. Abatik 000081 Ref. Provider K800405HA
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Olympic swimspa
Ref. Abatik 000794
EUR 22490
22490 €
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This spa is part of the SUNBELT SPA range
- Lucite® acrylic tub,
- LED BALBOA® lighting and control panel
- WATERWAY® nozzles
- PVC outer casing
- TIMBERSTONE structure
Olympic swimspa

Olympic in situ

Detail Olympic swimspa

Technical features

5 persons
Water capacity
8000 litres
4,50m x 2,50m x 1,35m(H)
De luxe rotating nozzles
23 (the equivilent to 69 directional jets)
Counter current swimming jets
Bubble jets
Circulating jets
Filtration system
Balboa, automatic
Hydrotherapy: 2 speed pump
1 x 2,5 HP
Counter current: 2 speed pump
2 x 2,5 HP
12 Volts
Lucite acrylic
Spa cover
Supplied (5 cm in depth)

Tub Olympic

The Olympic swim spa does not require any installation other than the domestic power supply. It is filled using a hose pipe.
Outercasing spa
The outer casing of the spa
The outer casing of the spa is made from a synthetic, ultra resistant material that guarantees your spa a good insulation and an excellent resistance to sun rays.
Olympic cover
The spa cover
Each spa is supplied with a doubled, insulating,cover of 10 cm as to maintain water temperature and protect access.

Control panel
The spa control panel
The control panels of the spa gives you command over the pumps and enjoy a massage of your choice.
Integrated lighting
Lighting integrated into the tub lets you enjoy a massage in a relaxed atmosphere.
Counter current
Counter current swimming system
A powerful counter current system gives you the possibility to swim on several square meters.

Colours and options

Starry night
Starry Night Blue

(unique colour)

Treatment box

Bromine treatment box
Including :

A - 1,2 Kg of Bromine tabs

B - 1,2 Kg of Unpowdered chlorine shock

C - 1,2 Kg of pH- micro-balls

D - 1,2 Kg of pH+ powder

E - 1 L 3 en 1 crystaline water

F - 1 L Spa cleaner

G - 1 Tube de 25 water quality testing bands

H - 1 Water treatment guide

CD/FM radio

CLARION "marine" CD Radio, XMD3 totally sealed integrated into on the top surface of tub
CD/FM radio
CD/FM radio
Speaker system
Control panels for CD/radio
CD/FM Radio control panel
(on option)


2 years

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