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HeatSavr liquid thermic pool cover

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HEATSAVR liquid cover 2 litre tin
Forms an odourless, colourless, biodegradable floating film, efficient 24/24h, adapts to all pool types, residential or public, maintaining the heat of your pool.
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HEATSAVR liquid cover 2 litre tin
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149 €
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Smart timer dosing pump with configurable settings
Ref. Abatik 023698 Ref. Provider ADD11V401000A0B
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HEATSAVR liquid cover 8 x 2 litre tin
Ref. Abatik 020773 Ref. Provider HEATSVR 8X2L
EUR 829
829 €
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Heatsavr liquid cover

The HeatSavr liquid cover forms an odourless, colourless, biodegradable floating film on the water surface that maintains the temperature of your pool. The film is dispersed in a homogeneous manner on the water surface.

Regardless of the swimming pool shape, this film efficiently reduces heat loss avoiding the need to install and manipulate a pool cover.

HeatSavr is composed of isopropyl alcohol which acts as an excipient associated with carbon dioxide, water and oxygen. 30 minutes after pouring into the pool water, the isopropyl alcohol evaporates, leaving only the active ingredients on the pool water surface.
By attraction, particles of the liquid are drawn together automatically forming a fine, non-greasy cover invisible to the naked eye, cover. This molecular layer reduces greatly water evaporation and heat loss.

When the pool is in use, or when the water is agitated (wind or rain...), the liquid cover disperses, reforming when water becomes still again, allowing optimal efficiency.

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The HeatSavr liquid cover presents no danger or hazard for swimmers (tests effectuated in laboratory conditions).

The product has been developed using biodegradable ingredients which are environmentally friendly.

Using Heatsavr avoids the use of a thermal cover and reel. Your pool coping is kept clear, physically and visually.

This patented formula was invented in Canada 25 years ago and is used throughout the world.

Heatsavr can be used in a residential or public pool configuration.

Easy to use, just pour the required daily dose into the pool water, which depends on pool dimensions and frequency of use. Daily application can be automated using the HeatSavr programmable dosing pump.

HeatSavr is compatible with water treatment products excepting ozone and active carbon treatments. Its use has no consequence on the balance of your pool water - the pH, alkalinity, acidity, mineral content, chlorine level, saturation content and water clarity remain unchanged.

Economies on water heating
Conforms to all pool shapes
Compatible with all pool shapes
Maintains heat, less evaporation
Less evaporation, maintains heat
Swimming possible during use
Does not interupt swimming
Saves time
Gains time
Round the clock efficiency
Round the clock efficiency - saves time

How do I dose Heatsavr?

For manual use

HeatSavr is efficient 24h/24. Just add a dose every day to the pool water :

For a pool : The standard dose is between 0.8 and 1 ml per m² per day
For a spa : The standard dose is 4 ml per m² per day

HeatSavr should be applied once a day, ideally at night.

Automatic dosing

Automatic application is made using the Smart timer dosing pump.

Smart Timer is a simple and efficient programmable peristaltic dosing pump, to treat pools up to 200m³.

Factory set to operate with the vast majority of pools, however, you can program Smart Timer to operate with your own particular pool configuration.

Program settings allow up to 8 sequences of injection per day for a duration of 1 week.

Supplied with a complete connection kit, Smart Timer is easily and quickly installed on most filtration systems.

The required power supply conforms to the norm C-15-100 (using a 30 mA protection).
Smart Timer programmable dosing pump

Advantages of the Smart Timer

The Smart Timer is:

- Easy to install :
By means of the paddle clamp integrated to the pump's injector. Only one hole needs to be drilled on the filtration hydraulic circuit to install Smart Timer.
- Precise :
Chronometric regulation ensures an injection that can be adjusted in minutes.
- Configurable :
Factory set, can be configured by the user to suit the needs of a specific pool situation.
- Quiet in operation :
By means of robust the pumps tube is compressed by two rollers (the basic principle of a peristaltic pump) ensuring the injection of residual liquids.
- Economic :
Simplified mechanics and easy to source, inexpensive, replacement wear and tear parts make this pump economic to purchase and run.
- Dependable :
The drive mechanism of the pump is equipped with bearings creating a fluid movement and less wear and tear on parts.
- Compact :
With compact dimensions measuring 140,5 x 97 x 129,4mm facilitates installation even in the smallest technical shelters.

Control panel

Smart Timer uses a digital control panel that shows:

- A precise countdown to injection time
- A clock showing time excepting injection intervals
- Faults

Control panel Smart Timer programmable dosing pump

1. Arrows which indicate up and down allow you to modify injection intervals.
2. Function allows access to the various menu settings.
3. Enter allows navigation throughout the various sub-menus.
4. LED indicates the status of unit operation:

- Static green: pump on
- Flashing green: pump operational
- Static red: pump off
- Static orange: parameter setting is underway
- Flashing orange: pump is priming

Technical characteristics

Power supply
230V / 50Hz
Chronometric self-priming pump
1,4l/h at 1 bar
Chronometric, automated
Tube material
Diameter of paddle clamp
Injector material
Viton - polypropylene
Weight of unit
Operational temperature
0°C to +45°C
Index of protection


Dimensions Smart Timer programmable dosing pump

Dimensions in mm.


Smart Timer dosing pump connections
Smart Timer - above view
Suction connection (a)

Discharge connection (b)

Start/stop/self-prime switch (c)

Optional liquid tray level sensor (d)

Slave function connection cable (e)

Power cable (f)

Installation schema

Installation schema Smart Timer

1. Power supply
2. Smart Timer dosing pump
3. Electrical box
4. Slave connection to pool pump
5. Pool pump
6. Pool filter
7. Suction of liquid product
8. Injection of liquid
9. Discharge to pool

Composition of kit

The Smart Timer dosing pump is delivered complete, ready to use.

The kit includes:
- 1 chronometric box with dosing pump (1).
- Crystal PVC tube cristal for suction and injection (2).
- 50 mm paddle clamp for injector (3).
- Suction sieve (4).
- Remenant (5).
- support de fixation (6)

- 1 users manual

Smart Timer dosing pump kit

Available on option - Product tray level sensor

Product tray level sensor should be connected to the BNC plug situated under the unit

When the sensor detects that there is no more product in the tray, Smart Timer will cease operation immediately.
Product tray level sensor Smart Timer

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