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Automatic above ground pool shutters

Simplify covering and protecting your swimming pool by means of an automatic shutter. This choice offers security with a minimum of constraint, ensuring good thermal insulation, avoiding heat loss and water evaporation.

3 Catagories of automatic above ground shutters

Electric above ground shutters
Solar powered above ground shutters
Battery powered above ground shutters

Price : 2051 

Starting from : 2330 

Starting from : 2490 

Starting from : 2590 

Starting from : 2645 

Starting from : 3990 

Starting from : 4199 

Starting from : 4556 

Starting from : 5232 

Starting from : 5990 

The elements which constitute an above ground automatic cover

- 2 axis supports anchored in-ground (legs, terminals) on which the axis is positioned
- 1 axis onto which the shutter cover rolls
- 1 kit of PVC slats which constitute the shutter cover : the slats cover the whole surface of the pool, made from durable material which is easy to care for
- 1 security system composed of attaching straps
- 1 motor contained in the axis or one of the axis supports
- 1 electrical box

Specific models of above ground shutters

Bench models offers improved esthetic whilst conserving practicality and security.

Our mobile models of automatic covers create more space around your pool, allowing you to fully enjoy your pool surround.

Some models are equipped with a salt electrolyser control to regulate the production of chlorine when your shutter is in a closed position.

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