PERSEO automatic pool shutter

Perseo automatic pool shutter
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PERSEO 3x3m motorised automatic pool shutter with limit management system
EUR 2330.00
Automatic shutter for pools up to 16 x 8m,
Conforms to the norm NF P90-308,
Motor contained in the reel axis, with limit management system
Disengaging mechanics, Powered by cable,
Easy and fast installation
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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Swimming pool online exclusively brings to you the Perseo above ground pool shutter. Designed for existing pools or pools under construction. Compatible with rectangular shapes with inner dimensions up to 16 x 8m (not including the pools steps).

Using this automatic shutter means your pool is secure. The shutter is installed with a minimum of labour and conforms to the norm NF P90-308.

The Perseo shutter helps to maintain the water temperature, lengthening your swimming season.
Limits water evaporation, reduces cleaning maintenance and helps to keep water clean, therefore, reducing your consumption of pool maintenance products.
The shutters opaque slats help to prevent photosynthesis and algae development.

Perseo automatic shutter

Inner dimensions of pool
Inc VAT*
3m x 3m
1990 € incl VAT
6m x 3m
2440 € incl VAT
7m x 3,5m
2690 € incl VAT
8m x 4m
3070 € incl VAT
9m x 4,5m
3280 € incl VAT
10m x 5m
3610 € incl VAT
11m x 5m
3790 € incl VAT
12m x 6m
6430 € incl VAT
14m x 7m
8100 € incl VAT
16m x 8m
9910 € incl VAT

* Shutter sent directly to client from manufacturer. Above prices correspond to model with white shutter slats and power cable connection.

If the dimensions of your pool are not contained in the above table, call our team on +33 (0)4 75 802 962 (international) or UK freephone 0808 238 60 75 to get your free quote.

Advantages of Perseo pool shutter

Opening and closing manipulation can be completed by one person alone, using a key system situated at the foot of the shutter reel. Rolling and unrolling the shutter will take a maximum of three minutes to complete, depending on the size of your pool.

The limit management system indicates the shutter will automatically stop when its opening and closing action is completed (the key's contact must remain active conforming to the norm NF P90-308).

The shutter is secured by an anti-lifting device that ensures optimal security.

In the case of electrical failure, the axis of the shutter can be disengaged, meaning you can secure your swimming pool.

The Perseo is delivered with all accessories and equipment needed to install the shutter and put into use :

- 2 Aluminium legs (3mm thick) lacquered white, with three position key contact
- Anchoring system for legs (screw plugs, screws and coach screws)
- 1 anodised aluminium rolling axis*
- 2 high-density polyethene bearing housings to distribute the weight of the shutter system equally on the axis legs avoiding forcing the motor
- 1 adjusting ring
- 1 12v electric motor contained in the axis featuring adjustable limit management system
- 1 electrical box complete with transformer and thermal-magnetic circuit breakers
- 1 shutter system (beige or grey on option) featuring 25mm finishing fins
- Binding straps shutter body/axis
- 1 anti-lifting device composed of ABS flanges, straps and supports to be fixed on the pool wall (or pool border, on option)
- 1 installation manual
- 1 package.
Leg and shutter on axis

*Diameter and length of axis with corresponding pool size:
( Diameter
Pools less than 4,5m in width (maximum length of pool 11m)
Pools 4,5m to 5m in width (maximum length of pool 11m)
Pools up to 5m in width (maximum length of pool 16m)
2.5 mm
Pools up to 6m in width (maximum length of pool 16m)
Pools from 7 to 8m in width (maximum length of pool 16m)

Perseo automatic pool shutter

The axis legs of Perseo shutter

The shutter axis is supported by two aluminium legs, 3mm thick, lacquered white, featuring a key contact with three positions.
The inclination of the shutters legs can be adjusted using bolts as to avoid contoured pool borders (1).

Two bearing housings are fixed to the base of each leg to support the weight of the axis. The combined weight of the axis and shutter body does not require unneedful forcing of the motor and so, the lifespan of the motor is preserved (2).

During strong periods of heat, the volume of the shutter body can expand. To avoid rubbing an adjustment ring is placed on the bearing housing to compensate the effects of expansion and contraction (3).
Axis legs Perseo shutter

Details of legs Perseo shutter for pools

3mm thick aluminium
Adjustable inclination
Bolt system
Dimensions L x w x H
182 x 147 x 425mm
Leg finish
Removable, white lacquered aluminium

Perseo in situ

Details of Perseo shutter slats

The slats of the shutter conform to the norm NF P90-308.

The opacity of the slats reduces the phenomenon of photosynthesis and avoids the apparition of algae.

Each slat includes in its composition air compartments that limit the water temperature loss.

The slats are closed on either side with stuck plugs to ensure a watertight and buoyant compartment.

Removable fins have standard dimensions of 25mm (Std) ensuring a smooth finish to each slat. They can be replaced by models with varying size : 15mm (S) or 35mm (XL).

This exclusive patent allows an easy to accomplish "sliding" assembly, resulting in a strong, well-maintained shutter body.
Detail slat
Slat plugs

PVC Calcium/zinc
Anti-stain and anti-UV
Width of slats
Thickness of widths
White. Sand or grey on option
3 years
Stair cut
Quote on demand, square or shaped finition
Available colour range

Assembly of shutter body

The assembly of the body is carried out :

- either by clips

To clip one slat to the other, begin by engaging the male fixture on the left-hand slat into the female fixture on the right-hand slat (fig.1 et fig.2).

Repeat an oscillating movement till the slats click together (fig.3 et fig.4).

Assembly method slats

- or by sliding

To attach the slats by sliding, just remove the plugs and slide the slats together.

Sliding assembly method

This patented assembly system :
- allows an easily assembled shutter body, especially for extra length slats,
- limits tedious manipulation,
- easy access to repair a damaged slat.

When you place your order, ask that one plug out of three is not pre-fixed to the slat, gaining installation time.

Stair cuts

When the shutter is positioned on the width of the pool it can be adapted to different pool stair shapes : rectangular (1), trapeze (2), roman (3), semi-circular (4) or free-form (5) (following consultation with us).

Stair shapes

All stair cuts are optional.

The skis

Small skis are positioned under the two last slats and allow the shutter body to correctly function on the water surface and ensure orientation.

The fixation holes are pre-drilled by the manufacturer.
Ski positioned on pool shutter

Preparation of the pool border

To reception the axis legs the pool border should have a surface of 182 x 147mm on either side of the pool to install the coach screws.

Trimming the pool border

For existing pools that feature a pool border, a 35cm long trim is necessary to accommodate the shutters passage.

The shutters axis

The axis must be positioned on a horizontal level, perpendicular to the pool.

The axis is positioned:
aligned with the rear pool borders edge on sharply angled pools (a).
at the final radius on a soft angled pool (b).
Pool border trim
Axis positioning

The two shutter legs must be levelly and horizontally positioned. If you need to, adjust their inclination using the supplied bolts and screws.
To compensate the effects of axis dilatation, a safety margin of 5mm is needed :
- Between the adjusting ring and the bearing housing on the "free side" (1),
- Between the adjusting ring and the axis on the "free side" (1),
- Between the axis and the bearing housing on the motor side (2).

We advise not to proceed with floor anchorage before effectuating a full unrolling of the shutter body to check and adjust positioning.
Adjustable ring

The motorisation of the shutter can be disengaged enabling manual opening and closing of the shutter. If this is the case, the limit management system needs to be reprogrammed after automatic service has resumed.

Limit management

The mechanics of the limit management is adjustable with a supplied tool.

Arrows indicate the directional movement of the shutter body.

When you turn
+ you increase the range of movement
- you reduce the range of movement.
Limit management system

Spacer20Spacer20Programming the Perseo limit management function

Electrical connection

The electrical distribution box should be installed in the technical house (1) to respect the electrical norm C15-100.

A 2 wired electrical power supply is needed (2) with :

- 2 x 4mm² if the cable length is less than 16m to arrive at the pool
- 2 x 6mm² if the cable is more than 16m to arrive at the pool (3).
Installation schema

The electrical installation must respect the norm C15-100.

- Earth the pool and all its equipment to evacuate any stray currents that accentuate the phenomena of oxidisation on metallic parts (inox 316, Anodized 6060 aluminium, beckryzing lacquer).

- The multiplication of water treatment leading to the non-respect of water equilibrium is not covered in the conditions of guarantee and in this case, the manufacturer does not accept responsibility for any degradation or damage to the product.
In the case of the use of a water treatment unit that produces an electrochemical reaction that accelerates metal corrosion, it is important to take all precautions to avoid and limit negative effects.

In general, it must be kept in mind that the need of an oxidising agent is reduced between 75 and 90% between an open and closed pool shutter. An electrical distribution box can be adapted to communicate the position of the shutter (open or closed) to the water treatment unit.

- The electrical distribution box, installed in a dry area, fitted with a 10A circuit breaker and a 30mA protection switch.

- All the cables are linked in accessible, waterproof junction boxes and out of the "volume 0" of the pool.
Security volumes

Electrical cable is needed between the shutters electrical distribution box the axis mechanics :

Shutter modelDistance from technical house to poolElectrical cable sectionLimit management motor sensorsSwitch
Perseo< 16m2 x 4mm²linkedlinked
Perseo< 25m2 x 6mm²linkedlinked

The display cable is pre-cabled. Once the motor wiring is linked to the panel you just need to connect the dominos.
Power supply Perseo

Wiring of the Perseo shutter

Security system

The Perseo automatic shutter is equipped with an anti-lifting device conforming to the norm NF P90-308. This system is composed of ABS flanges + Straps + wall anchoring brackets
The number of anti-lifting devices needed depends on the width of the pool.

Width of pool
Number of anti-lifting devices
Up to three metres
From 3,01 to 5 metres
From 5,01 to 7 metres
From 7,01 to 8 metres

Colour of wall anchoring supports

Three colours are available : White, beige or grey.

Pushlock colours
Three models are available, depending on the pool structure :

fixed on pool wall with screw plugs for concrete, concrete blocks, fibreglass (with concrete belt) or any other type of pool with a minimum thickness of 8mm.

Screw version
sealed on pool wall (on option) for concrete pools under construction.

Sealed pushlock
Cavalier version (on option) for concrete, galvanised panel, polyethene panels and fibreglass pools.

Caviler pushlock

Locking system Perseo

When you close the shutter, the trigger clips into the support.

Unlocking system

To open, just push the button, lifting the trigger simultaneously to free the shutter before rolling it on its axis.

Option Contact for salt electrolyseur

If your pool is equipped with a salt electrolyser, you need to reduce production when the shutter is closed to avoid a chlorine concentration that may cause damage to the shutter slats.

The Perseo can be equipped with a control box that automatically controls chlorine production in coherence with the opening and closing of the pool shutter (if equally, your electrolyser features this function).
Option salt electrolyser control

Users precautions

This shutter can be used during all seasons. Warning, do not manipulate in case of frost.

For an optimal operation of the shutter, we advise you to conserve the water level of the pool water 10cm lower than the pool border.

During the winterizing period, we advise you to keep the water at the same level.

Packing and transport

To ensure a delivery in the best possible conditions, our transport service will contact you to arrange a delivery time.

It is essential to have 2 persons to reception your pool shutter.
Perseo packing


2 years on mechanics
3 years on shutter slats

Photos non-contractual
Price incl. VAT

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