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Aquabot 3 Electric pool cleaner
EUR 699.00
For pools with a maximum volume of 60m²,
Cleans the bottom surface of pool,
Quick cycle Aqua Smart (2h30),
Ultra fast, rotating PVC brush
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Aquabot 3 in detail

The Aquabot 3 pool cleaner is specifically designed to clean the bottom of all pools up to a maximum of 60 m². Compatible with all types of pool surfaces, cleaning and assuring the suction of debris and dirt efficiently.

The Aquabot 3 uses Aqua Smart System and Gyro technology:

Aqua Smart System technology
Automatic cleaning mode adapts perfectly to the pools dimensions. This program defines the movements of the unit allowing the entire bottom surface of the pool to be wholly cleaned without hitting the pool walls (which would indicate losing time during the cleaning cycle). The cycles are optimised and so are shorter than a regular pool cleaner.
Gyro technology
The movements of the unit are optimised by a series of algorithms. Guided by a gyroscope, the Aquabot 3 ensures a complete clean of the bottom surface of the pool using a series of successive rotations, avoiding a tangled cable.

These technologies, coupled with the unit's drive motor, ensure a cleaning cycle in only 2h30. The optimisation of the cleaning cycle allows a reduction of spent time and energy, therefore, prolonging the lifespan of the pool cleaner.
The Aquabot 3 is equipped with 4 driving wheels, compatible with all pool surfaces, ensuring forward and reverse movement.

The motor is connected to two suction nozzles that are adjustable in height. This ensures the suction of fine particles suspended in the water. Using the fine filter level of 15 microns, it is possible to collect all impurities lying at the bottom of the pool. The collected impurities are stocked in two filtering cartridges. The transparent lid lets you have a clear view to assess the clogging level of the cartridges. The lid is situated on the top surface of the unit (Top Access), ensuring easy access to the filtering cartridges and their simplified maintenance.

To ensure optimal cleanliness, the Aquabot 3 is complete with an ultra performant and fast rotating PVC brush. This brush eliminates all residue.

Ergonomic and lightweight, easily removed from the pool at the end of the cleaning cycle.

Detail bottom aquabot 3

1 - Rotating PVC brush
3 - Adjustable suction nozzles
2 - Water outlet
4 - Wheel with PVA brush, adheres to the bottom surface

How does it work?

The Aquabot 3 is very easy to use. Its installation is fast, guaranteeing a clean pool in all simplicity. For your security, make sure the transformer of the unit is not plugged in when placed in water.

Unroll the cable of the Aquabot 3
Submerge the unit in the pool water whilst holding the handle. Move the unit forwards and backwards to evacuate air. Let go of the handle and let the Aquabot sink to the bottom of the pool.
Plug the cable into the transformer.
Plug in the transformer
Selection "on" via the control box. The Aquabot begins its cleaning cycle.

How to use pool cleaner aquabot 3

The control box

The Aquabot 3
is complete with its transformer featuring an easy to operate control box. There is only one button ensuring the start of the units cycle:
Start aquabot 3<br />
Light signal
This LED flashes when the Aquabot 3 is on standby. It lights continually when the unit is completing its cleaning cycle.
On/Off button
This button allows the passage from standby mode to ON mode very easily.

Nota : The Aquabot 3 passes automatically to standby mode after each cleaning cycle. If you wish to suspend activity during a cycle, press ON/OFF. The 'Aquabot 3 will stop. The LED will flash, showing the unit is in standby mode.

Maintenance of filter cartridges

The Aquabot 3 is equipped with two filtering cartridges, filtering particles up to 15 microns. A transparent lid allows a clear view of the cartridges, enabling the assessment of their clogging level with a simple glance.

Easy to maintain with a minimum of manipulation, avoiding all direct contact with dirt. All you need to do is:

1) Lift the lid using the release button
2) Remove the filtering cartridges
3) Unlatch the hatch
4) Open fully the hatch
5) Rinse the cartridges in clear water (If using a hose, keep a distance of at least 1m to avoid damage)
6) Close the hatch
7) Replace the filtering cartridges in the unit
8) Close the lid

Filter clean aquabot 3

Filtering cassette aquabot 3
A) Filter cartridges closed
B) Filter cartridges open for maintainance, using simple push system

Filtering cassette
Filtering cartridges (Top Access)
System aqua smart aquabot
Aqua Smart orientation system
Direct view filter<br />
Direct view to filter (Easy View)

Easy clean
Easy to clean filter
Light, easy to remove from water
Gyro system
Gyro technology - Optimises trajectory


Compatible with pool shapes
Rectangular, Round, Oval, specific form
Compatible pool surface
Dimensions of pool
6 X 10 max
16 m/min, 580 m²/h
Cleaning cycle management
Aqua Smart System + Gyro
Filtering cartridges
Top Access
Filtration density
15 microns
Filtration flow
16 m³ /h
Access to filter
Easy, from the top (Top Access)
Suction motor
24 V DC
Cleaning cycle
2,5 hours
Type of clean
Bottom surface of pool
Type de brush
Rotating, scrub brush
Length of floating cable
18 metres
13,5 kilos, easy to remove from water
52 X 47 X 35 cm
Electrical connection
100 / 259V/ 50-60 Hz / 210W
Remote control
Transportation trolley

Views Aquabot 3<br />

Large view aquabot 3


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