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Hydraulic pool cleaners

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Price : 98 

Hydraulic cleaner for above ground pool, Operational from 70cm of water depth

Price : 329 

Hydraulic pool cleaner, Simple connection to brush adaptor or skimmer For all pool types, inground or above ground, Delivered with pipe 10 x...

Price : 349 

Hydraulic pool cleaner Easy connection to brush adaptor Cleans in 2h30

Price : 349 

Easy connection to you pools brush adaptor or skimmer, pre-programmed trajectory, obstacle management, automatic directional change, finned...

Price : 159 

Hydraulic pool cleaner for above ground and flat bottomed pools Delivered with 10m tube

Price : 329 

Hydraulic pool cleaner, Simple connection using brush adaptor or skimmer, Compatible with all pool types, above ground or inground Supplied...

Price : 121 

Pool cleaner for above ground pools and inground pools with flat floor, Cleans pool floor and bottom of pool walls, For pools up to 8 x 4m...

Price : 201 

For above ground and in-ground pools measuring up to 9 x 5m, Compatible with all pool shapes and finishes, Cleans pool floor only, Powerful...

Price : 212 

Hydraulic pool cleaner for pools up to 10 x 5m, Cleans the floor and wall base of your pool, compatible with all pool finishes Integrated flow...

Price : 302 

For pools up to 12 x 6m, DiaCyclone Ultra suction, Duo Traction Control technology : adherence to angles and walls, Obstacle detection,...

Price : 549 

Hydraulic pool cleaner for inground pools up to 10 X 5 m maximum in dimension, For all types of pools and pool floors, With flow regulator and...

Starting from : 429 

Hydraulic pressure pool cleaner Featuring 2 jets Venturi Maximum pool dimensions 14 x 7 m Requires a booster pump in technical shelter

Starting from : 459.60 

Hydraulic pool cleaner without booster pump, Simple connection to brush adaptor or skimmer, For pools 10x5m maximum

Starting from : 753 

Hydraulic 4x4 pool cleaner, 4 wheel drive, Connection to brush adaptor or skimmer, Ideal for large pools up to 12x6m

Starting from : 799 

Hydraulic pool cleaner for pools up to 14 x 7m, Suction using 3 venturi jets, Requires a booster pump in your technical shelter

Hydraulic pool cleaners in detail

Depending on the technology used, a hydraulic pool cleaner operates using hydropower derived from your pool filtering system.
Connected to the skimmer, discharge nozzle or brush adapter, depending on the models design, hydraulic pools cleaners cleanse the floor of your residential pool.
Their source of hydropower comes from the energy provided by the pool filter pump.

It is very easy to put the cleaner into operation - just switch on your pool filter pump and your pool cleaner begins its trajectory independently. This type of cleaner works via the elements already place in your pool (filter and pump) and does not consume supplementary energy.

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