Polaris 380

Polaris 380
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Swimming pool hydraulic cleaner Polaris 380
EUR 779.00
Pool cleaner with powerful triple-jet Vortex Venturi. Picks up the toughest debris. Operates with booster pump.
Max pool dimensions 14 x 7 m
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Not suitable for swimming pool equipped with flexible plumbing.

Key functions

The Polaris 280 will move randomly throughout the swimming pool cleaning an average pool in 3 or 4 hours. The Polaris 280 adapts to surfaces, flooring and walls of any shape in-ground pool. Its 20 microns filter bag saves you up to 80% of filter cleanings. Its unique in-line back-up valve cycles automatically, pulling the Polaris 280 away from potential obstacles and keeps the Polaris 280 cleaning without interruption. Easy maintenance and powerful double-jet vortex venturi picks up the toughest debris. To get the best out of Polaris 280 you need to install an appropriate electrical box (included) and a Booster pump .

Key features

Hydraulic pressure
Booster Pump Power
1 hp
Booster pump coupled with the filtration system
3-jet venturi system
Universal wall fitting (forced back thanks to booster pump)
Random and automatic reverse
Average daily use
3 to 4 hours a day
Setting mode
Electrical box
Litter capture
Separate bag and sweep hose
Types of litter
Dust, sand, pebbles, leaves
Quick Disconnect
Dimension piscine maxi
14 x 7 m
Working pressure
1,8 bars - 26 psi
Working speed
20 m/min
Filtering efficiency
20 microns
Electrical box
Enslaved filtration
Filter bag fastening
With a clip
2,5 kg
Standard hose
3 x 3 m + 0,60 m

1. All Purpose Bag
2. Head float
3. Sweep Hose
4. Sweep Hose Scrubber
5. Main Body
6. Feed Hose
7. Hose Floats
8. Back-Up Valve
9. Quick Disconnect with Universal Wall Fitting (UWF)
10. Restrictor disks (one red and one blue)

Self-prime booster pump MC-100-M 1 hp Single Phase 220V 50 Hz especially designed for swimming pool cleaners. This Booster Pump is salt water compatible.

1 hp Single Phase 220V 50Hz. Connection with the Universal Wall Fitting in the in ground technical room according to the diagram below.

Booster Pump dimensions

The electrical box is programmed to enslave filtration.
This electrical box includes programming clock, 3 position switch and a thermal/magnetic circuit breaker.

Connection diagram
1. Return line
2. Universal wall fitting
3. Main drain
4. Skimmer
5. Filtration pump
6. Filter
7. Booster pump

Plumbing kit

Essential Plumbing Pack for all types of pool cleaners working with a booster pump. Use only the PVC reinforced hose. Quick and easy to realize without glue, ready in 1 hour. Fix the clamps of the main fitting on your existing plumbing system, then connect it to the booster pump with the easy connectors provided « QUICK CONNECT ». Immediate starting up of the booster pump after being plumbed. No particular tools needed, a drill and a spanner 13.

Plumbing install kit
1. Special reinforced couplings x 4
3. Conversion adaptor x 2
5. Teflon O rings x2
7. Main PVC fitting diameter 50’’x 2
2. PVC nipple x2
4. Reinforced hose 1,85m
6. Locking clips x 4
8. Valve 1 ¼’’ x 2


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