Polaris ATV

Polaris ATV
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Polaris ATV hydraulic pool cleaner
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Hydraulic pool cleaner,
Automatic reverse,
Connection to skimmer or brush plug
Operational with minimum 1hp pump
The Polaris ATV is easy to install and use. Just connect the cleaner to the skimmer or brush adaptor.

Using a powerful suction system and a flow control that automatically controls the suction level of the skimmer or brush adaptor.

The Polaris ATV has been designed using the latest technologies and features an automatic reverse mode, enabling this cleaner to get out of any difficult situations (angles, stairs etc).

This cleaner also has a gear system that creates fluid, fast movement.
Various views of the ATV

Technical features

Hydraulic suction
Pool filtration pump
Direct to brush adaptor or skimmer
Random and automatic reverse mode
Duration of operational cycle
3 to 4 hours
Identical to the filtration program
Debris collection
In the pump pre-filter or leaf collector*
Types d'impuretés
Dust, sand, gravel, leaves
Maximum dimensions of pool
10 x 5m
Required pump capacity
Minimum pump flow
Suction adjustment
Brush adaptor or specific line
Flexible or rigid
Cone adaptor
LCS / Revolve-it / Unicover
Suction diameter
Cleaning capacity
Depending on filter
Trajectory speed
Approx. 10 m/min
Weight of unit
Standard length of pipe
13m (13 x 1m)

Installation schema

Installation schema Polaris

Discharge nozzle (possible to connect to cleaner) (1), Brush adaptor (2), Main drain (3), Skimmer (4), Pool pump (5), Filter (6).

The Polaris ATV includes

ATV includes
1. Outer casing of cleaner
2. Universal adaptor
3. Flow regulator
4. Standard section of flexible piping (11)
5. Sections of piping with counterweight
6. Principle sections of piping with counterweight
7. Flow regulator
8. 45° adaptor
9. 90° adaptor


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