Zodiac MX6

Zodiac MX6 pool cleaner
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Zodiac mx6 hydraulic pool cleaner
EUR 474.00
Hydraulic pool cleaner for inground pools up to 10 X 5 m maximum in dimension,
For all types of pools and pool floors,
With flow regulator and suction zone expanded by rotor,
Cleans pool walls and floor, X-Drive navigation
Recommended pump : ¾cv
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The MX6 hydraulic pool cleaner

It benefits from the Zodiac know how and technological expertise of the brand name. Using cyclonic suction provided by a powerful turbine to obtain optimal suction capacity. A rotor is situated under the unit, dislodging and sucking all dirt and dust found in its path. The MX6 from Zodiac is tractioned on indented tracks ensuring perfect adhesion and maximum stability. The MX6 pool cleaner takes charge independently the cleaning of any type of pool, whatever its shape or finish may be.

Using random navigation, the Zodiac MX6 is driven by X-Drive, cleaning the pool as a whole.

Putting this cleaner into use is easy : It is is designed to be ready to operate. Just plug into the brush or skimmer adapter of your pool. The combination of the quality components used and the cleaners design ensure a long lifespan.

Hydraulic pool cleaner MX6

Why choose the MX6 ?

A total clean of your pool

The MX6 incorporates a pre-programmed navigation system called X-Drive, giving an automatic change of direction. Using this system, the totality of the pools surface is explored methodically without worrying about the shape of the pool floor.

Overcoming obstacles

Pool outlet valve, lighting projectors, pool border... Using indented traction tracks coupled with cyclonic suction power, the MX6 can overcome any type of obstacle.

Suction capacity

The MX6 also features a powerful suction turbine amplifying efficiency by means of the rotor situated on the undercarrige, ridding the unit of any clogging.
The surface treated by suction is enlarged as the MX6 guarantees a wide cleaning capacity with each passage.

Easy to use

The MX6 hydraulic cleaner is connected rapidly and easily onto a brush or skimmer adapter.
Delivered with Twist Lock patented piping. Twist lock piping ensures a perfect connection without losing suction power.

Flow regulator

To guarantee suction efficiency and lengthen the units lifespan, the MX6 is supplied with a flow regulator ensuring optimised flow for the good operation of the cleaner.

Zodiac MX6 in situ
Total clean of the pool walls and floor using the X-Drive navigation system
Rotor power ensures no clogging
Powerful suction turbine with rotor action

Simple connection
Easy connection, dependable, ensuring no suction power is lost
Easy connection to unit
User friendly connection to unit

The Zodiac MX6 in detail

Articulated blade turbine that provides an ultra powerful operation, even in the case of being used with a low flow pool pump.
Ergonomic handle meaning you can easily place or remove the unit in or out of the pool water.
Traction is provided by indented, robust, tracks. They produce fluid movements and ensure the MX6 can climb over obstacles. The tracks can be used on any type if pool finish. The MX6 boasts perfect stability and incomparable traction power.
Details of the MX6

Technical features

Type of pool
Inground pools up to 10 X 5 m
Compatible shapes
rectangular, oval, round and free form.
Compatible pool floors
flat, gently sloping, composed gradients.
Compatible pool finish
titles, liner, fiber-glass, reinforced PVC, painted concrete
To be connected to the brush or skimmer adapter in the pool
Hydraulic by suction
Power supply
Powered by the filtration unit of the pool
Operational system
Suction turbine with rotor
X-Drive random navigation system
Possibility to use pool while in operation
Minimum pump power required
2 years
Technology and accessories
X-Drive, Twist Lock piping, automatic regulation of flow and flow measurement
Accessories on option
Winterizing bag, pre-filter for leaves


2 years

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