Zodiac T3

Zodiac T3
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Zodiac T3 hydraulic pool cleaner
EUR 269.00
For above ground and in-ground pools measuring up to 9 x 5m,
Compatible with all pool shapes and finishes,
Cleans pool floor only,
Powerful suction capacity,
Operational with a minimum pump capacity of 1/2hp
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The Zodiac T3 is designed so you can enjoy a high standard of pool cleanliness without labour intense maintenance.

Practical and easy to install, this pool cleaner is simply connected to the brush adaptor or pool skimmer.

This cleaner's diaphragm offers a powerful suction capacity, giving optimal cleaning to your pool.

How to use the Zodiac T3

The Zodiac T3 is adapted to :
- In-ground pools or above ground pools with rigid walls (steel or wood...), with a flat or slightly sloped bottom surface, measuring up to 9 x 5m,
- All pool shapes (rectangular, round, oval, free form),
- Compatible with all types of pool finish (liner, PVC, ceramic, fibreglass, concrete).

Installation and operation

This pool cleaner is ready to operate in just a few minutes. It simply connects to the skimmer or suction inlet using its Twist Lock (A) connection system. This patented system provides in easy connection ensuring maximum sealing.

The T3 requires a pump of a minimum 1/2hp in order to operate.
Zodiac T3

DiaCyclone suction : ultra powerful suction power featuring the DiaCyclone diaphragm of the Zodiac T3, generating 40% more suction power than any other cleaner of the same type.

It's finned disc (B) and anti-blocking wheel (C) allows full, efficient cleaning of your pool.

Accessories Zodiac T3

Made from ABS, the Zodiac T3 is resistant to chemical water treatment products and temperature variations.

This unit is delivered with 10m of piping. Equipped with a pressure regulator ensuring a constant flow, and so, is compatible with all pump capacities.

Technical characteristics of the pool cleaner

Type of pool
Inground or above-ground, with rigid walls (steel or wood, for example...)
Compatible pool shapes
Rectangular, round, oval
Pool finishes
Liner, PVC, ceramic, fibreglass shell, painted concrete
Flat or slightly sloped
Maximum dimensions of pool
9m x 5m being 45m²
Random, pool floor
Cleaning width
Possible to use pool when in use
Speed of trajectory
Minimum capacity of filtration pump
Pressure regulator
Length of pipe
10 sections, 1m
Dimensions and weight of unit
L41 x W36 x H28cm / 1,18kg
Dimensions and weight of unit in its packaging
L102,8 x W41,5 x H22,4cm / 6,8kg
Pool 150 in Light Grey

Cyclonic Leaf Catcher

The Cyclonic Leaf Catcher is an optional floating filter. It is placed between the T3 and the suction inlet. Using it's Twist Lock connection, installation is simplified.

This filter recuperates debris and leaves present in your pool water. The impurities are stocked in the leaf catcher container and so save your filtration pump from the risk of clogging. You therefore also save time with filter pump maintenance.
Operational system
Cyclonic suction
All types of piping (adaptors supplied : Twist Lock and standard pipes)
L23 x P19 x H28cm
Leaf Catcher


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