VOLEO automatic pool cover

Voleo automatic above ground pool shutter
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VOLEO above ground automatic shutter
EUR 3424.00
Above ground automatic pool cover featuring motor contained in axis
Efficient and simple to use
Installation in 1 day by 2 persons
Maximum surface area of pool 72m² with a maximum width of 6m
Pool measuring 10 x 5m covered in 3 minutes
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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VOLEO automatic above ground pool cover for pools measuring 5 x 3m à 6 x 12m maximum.

Inner dimensions
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5m x 3m
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6m x 3m
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7m x 3,5m
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8m x 4m
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9m x 4,5m
4890€ incl VAT*
10m x 5m
5490€ incl VAT*
11m x 5m
5790€ incl VAT*
12m x 6m
5990€ incl VAT*
* Prices reflect a shutter for a rectangular pool with white slats or another standard colour.

Price leaving manufacturers warehouse.

2 persons are required to reception the delivery.

Other dimensions are available, call us today!

Advantages of the VOLEO automatic above ground pool shutter

Conform : This cover is designed to stop pool access to children under five years old. This cover can hold the weight of an adult of 100kg. Conforms to the norm NF P 90-308*

Powerful : 150nm or 250nm motor can cope with pools up to 12 x 6m.

Dependable : The robust axis delivered with the shutter can hold the cover's weight without the risk of deformation.

User-friendly : This automatic above ground cover is manipulated with ease by means of the contact key positioned on the axis support of the motor.

Multi tasking : The electrical control box of your shutter is equipped with auxiliary contacts that communicate the open or closed position of the cover and can be linked to another type of unit, such as a salt electrolyser to limit or stop chlorine production.

Technical details

Axis supports

• Material : stainless steel 304, thermo laquered in white,
sand or grey.
• Dimensions : 460 x 200 x 100mm
• Fixation plate L = 200mm, l = 100mm
• Centre distances L = 170mm, l = 70mm
• Central orifice D. 50mm
• Fixations : 2 x 4 stainless steel screws m8 x 90 on brass pegs

Rolling axis

• Material : reinforced andonised aluminium
• Diameter : 140 or 155mm for pools greater than 10 x 5m


2 types of motor are available :

Sealed motor contained in the axis without limit management

• Delivered pre-assembled on axis supports
• Tension 24 volts DC
• Coupling150nm
• For covers up to 10 x 5m
• Rolling time for pool 8 x 4m : 1'30 min

Sealed motor contained in the axis with limit management

• Delivered pre-assembled on axis supports
• Tension 24 volts DC
• Motor coupling 150nm or 250nm depending on pool size
• For covers up to 12 x 6m
• Estimated rolling time for pools measuring 8 x 4m : 1'30 min

Electrical control box
• Transformer 230/24v
• Fuse
• Circuit breaker
• IP protection : IP 44
• Internal installation within the reccomended protection volume
(Norm C-15/100)
Motor command

• Contact key on axis support

Motors without limit management :

Forwards/backwards and on/off command by holding the key contact in position (Norm NF P90-308).

Motor with limit management :

Forwards/backwards and on/off command by holding the key contact in position to open and close the shutter by one impulsion on the key (Norm NF P90-308).

• On option, mural control unit

If this option is used it must be installed in a position where the pool is visible during each opening and closing unit.

During the installation, if the key control cable terminals are inverted and the shutters action does not correspond to the open and close position on the box, cross the cable terminals "F and O" in the control box.
Axis support

Voleo above ground axis support

Key command

Details of the shutter slats

The slats of the Voleo automatic cover conform to the resistance requirements of the norm NF P90-308.

Each slat is composed of compartments which contain air. The air ensures the buoyancy of the slat and limits heat loss.

A welded cap ensures sealing at the extremity of each slat .

The slats are delivered pre-assembled in modules of 3 slats. They must be stocked in the shade with an ambient temperature less than 40°C.

PVC with anti-staining and anti-UV treatment
Width of slats
Available colours
White, sand, blue or grey
By clipping action
Welded caps
Sealing guarantee
3 years
Colour of caps
White, sand or grey
Square cut
Option escalier
Contact us

Available colours Voleo

Shutter cover assembly

Voleo clipping

Voleo clipping action

1. Bring the slats together to form a V shape.

2. Engage the harpoon maintaining the V shape.

3. Create an inverse V movement.
Repeat the gesture till the entire shutter cover is completely assembled.
The assembly of the shutter can only be undertaken if there is water in the pool. The slats must be stocked in the shade, with an air temperature lower than 40°c.

The first module of the shutter is delivered with fixation straps attached to the axis. The other slats are delivered in modules of 3 or 6 elements.

One of the modules is equipped with obliged security straps. This module should be positioned at the extremity of the shutter cover which is opposite to the rolling axis.

To simplify assembly, the slats should be placed, by module, on water.

Fixation of the shutter cover on the axis

Once the shutter cover has been assembled, it should be fixed to the rolling axis. The first module of the slats is equipped with weaved nylon straps 50mm wide. The straps should be fitted in their respective supports which can be adjusted in relation to the shutter cover.

Incorrect positioning will provoke the incorrect rolling of the cover. This causes the layers of slats to be out of line. If this is the case, unrolling will equally cause friction with pool wall with the shutter cover. If the pool itself is not straight, this will also cause the shutter covers slats to be out of line.

Note : The pre-assembled hardware on the axis takes into account the motors dimensions.

Voleo automatic in situation
Voleo in closed position

Stair cuts

When the shutter is positioned on the width of the pool it can be adapted to different pool stair shapes : rectangular (1), trapeze (2), roman (3), semi-circular (4) or free-form (5) (following consultation with us).
Available stair cuts

Voleo square cut
Roman stairs, with 90° «square cut »
Voleo square cut
Trapeze stairs, with 90° «square cut »

Preparation of pool and pool surround trim

Surround trim for Voleo pool cover
To be able to correctly install the cover the pool must be prepared correctly.

On the side of the pool where the axis will be installed, it is required to trim the angles of the pool border to create a sharp angle if it does not already exist. This allows the cover to unroll with no danger of friction. The legs of the shutter must be placed on a level surface so a surfacing of the pool border may be required.

• Pools with rear sharp angles (90°) : The axis should be positioned in line with the pool rear wall.
• Pools with rear rounded angles : The axis should be positioned towards the front of the angle rayon (maximum 500mm).

Example of pool surround trim :

Length of pool7m10m12m
Length of trim280mm320mm350mm

Installation of axis supports

Axis support<br />
The axis supports are made from inoxidible steel with a thermo-lacquered coating.

The axis, motor and motor support are delivered pre-assembled. Only the axis support opposite to the motor is to be inserted into the drive bearing before proceeding with fixation.

There should be a free space between the axis and its support of 30 to 40mm.

The fixation of the supports should be completed with care.

To facilitate assembly, the support which contains the crank is pre-assembled by the manufacturer.

The surface on which the axis supports are installed must be able to support their weight.

If the pool surround is made from reconstituted stone, the standard expansion plugs supplied may be unsuitable or cause damage. If this is the case, chemical sealer and plugs should be used (consult us).

Electrical elements of the shutter

To avoid the deterioration of your system, the electrical installation of your system should be effectuated by a qualified electrician.

You must use:

1 cable 2 x 2,5mm² up to 20m for 150nm motors.
1 cable 2 x 2,5mm² up to 15m for 250nm motors, and for larger capacity motors 2 x 4mm²

If you choose the mural command option, consider a supplementary cable (3 x 1,5mm²).

Motors with limit management are delivered with auxiliary contacts for an electrolyser. If you want to use this feature, don't forget to pass an extra 3 x 1,5mm² between the electrolyser and the axis support which contains the motor.

Security system

Conform to the norm NFP 90-308, fixation plates are delivered in a proportional quantity to the size of the shutter cover and shape of the pool. They are installed on the pool wall, opposite to the axis of the shutter.

The wall plates should be fixed under the pool shutter and above the normal waterline. Fixation is completed with the supplied screws and plugs. The wall plates are available in white, sand or grey.

Note : For monobloc or polystyrene block pools, this type of wall plate security strap cannot be used and is in no way conform to legislation. It is the same case with thin-walled pool structures such as sheeted metal or composite materials.
A fixation on the edge is necessary and available on option. If used, this option includes adapted security straps, to be fixed under the surround, in the concrete situated at the pools edge.
Voleo security strap

Voleo security system
3 point security + strap + secure wall plate (A)

An overflow system for your pool is obliged.
3 point security + strap + security plate to be positioned under the pool edge
(B) available on option.

This automatic cover does not replace or substitute common sense or individual responsibility.

This shutter is not a substitute for adult supervision, which is the essential factor when protecting young children.

a water «overflow » system is imperative for this type of installation.

Transport and packaging

Your shutter is delivered to you at your home by appointment, by lorry. If access is difficult, a forklift may be needed (could add a delivery charge supplement).

Packing Voleo
Delivery Voleo

As the packages are fractioned and conditioned on light pallets to facilitate unloading they are clearly marked and numbered to ease assembly.

A minimum of two persons is needed to reception the material.

All deliveries must be checked in the presence of the transporter.

Care of the shutter

• Regularly check the PVC slats and that they are correctly clipped together.

• If there are cracked or broken slats contact your supplier to replace them.

• Security system: Inspect the straps, loops and strap support regularly.

• It is imperative to replace the straps and loops every 3 years.


3 years on shutter cover and security straps
2 years on motor, reducer, axis, axis supports and electrical box


3 years on shutter cover and security straps
2 years on motor, reducer, axis, axis supports and electrical control box

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