ABRIBLUE manual shutter

Abriblue manual above ground pool shutter
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ABRIBLUE, above ground shutter for rectangular pools, conform to norm NF P 90-308
EUR 3268.00
Manual cover for pools up to 10 x 5m,
Wheel with tork multiplier to facilitate manipulation,
Conform to the norm NF P90-308,
Fast and easy installation,
Made in France
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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ABRIBLUE manual above ground shutter in detail

The ABRIBLUE manual above ground pool cover is an excellent alternative to a barred cover as it is practical and esthetic, as well as economic and functional, offering optimal security.

Inner dimensions of pool
Price incl VAT
8m x 4m
3089€ incl VAT
10m x 5 m
4179€ incl VAT

*Above prices include white slats.

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Abriblue manual pool cover

Advantages of the ABRIBLUE manual pool cover

- The above ground cover secures your pool easily and quickly.

- The manual wheel features important torque multiplication, indicating one person alone can manipulate the cover without effort.

- The shutter is secured by an anti-lifting system providing optimal security.

- Conserves water temperature, lengthening your swimming period.

- Reduces cleaning, maintaining water clean

- It's opaque slats reduce the phenomenon of photosynthesis, avoiding the proliferation of algae.

- The inclination of the cover's legs are adjustable by bolts and so avoids facing or surfacing the pool surround

Technical details

Available colours for slats

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Available slat colours
Available colours for legs

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Available axis support colours
Removeable wheel

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Removable wheel

Technical features

Axis support
2 white or sand lacquered
Axis support fixation
Bolts and plugs
Anodised aluminium
Removable with tork multiplier
Using removable wheel
Floating cover
Composed of slats
Security kit
By strap
Conditions of use
4 season
Maximum dimensions
Maxi 10m x 5m

Abriblue large view

Detail of shutter slat

The slats of the cover conform to the norm NF T54-405-1.

Each slat is composed of air-filled compartments providing buoyancy as well as limiting heat loss. Each slat has a "finned" finish.

At the extremity of each slat, finishing caps secured by welding ensure sealing and complete buoyancy.

extruded PVC with anti-staining treatment
Calcium/Zinc PVC
Width of slats
Depth of slats
Reaction to heat
Easy clip
Male / female clip system
Welded caps fitted by the manufacturer and removable fins.
White, Sand, blue, grey or marbled blue
Compatibility of pool shapes
Rectangular : for other shapes, please consult us
Stair option
At the end of the pool : consult us

Assembly of shutter cover

To click one slat to the other, commence by engaging the lower hook to the "male"side of the right-hand slat into the "female" side of the left-hand slat (fig.1).

- Create a to and fro movement till the two slats "click" together completely (fig.2).

- Secure the first rang of slats equipped with securing straps using pliers. Equalise the lateral movement of the pool cover (fig.3).
Slat assembly Abriblue<br />

Treatment of shutter cover

Required space

Front view of reel

Required space for installation

Length of axis (A) = width of pool + 100 mm

Distance between legs (B) = Width of pool + 130 mm

Total required space (C) = Length of pool + 430 mm

-> All dimensions are in mm

Profil view

D : required minimum diameter

Axis of shutter

- The cover's axis must be in a level position perpendicular to the pool.

- The axis should be in line with the back pool surround or eventual rayon. This model uses a height adjusting system for axis supports and so avoids the need to surface the pool border.

- The two axis supports must be anchored in a level, horizontal position, tightly against the cover's axis. If required, a tightening ring is available on option.

- For rounded angled pools with a rayon of 15 cm maximum and sharply angled pools, position the axis support 15cm towards the inside of the pool. For angled pools with a rayon greater than 15cm, contact us.

- We recommend that you do not proceed with the floor fixations till you have totally unrolled the cover in place to check its position and adjust.

- The slats of the cover must not rub against the pool border as this could cause the caps to break. A trim of the pool border may be required to allow the smooth passage of the shutter cover.

Pool border trim

Border trim details
Minimum trim of the pool border depending on the length of the pool.
Length of the cover in meters
Side X in mm

Sharp angled pools (1), Pools with rounded angles (2), Required trim in mm (X)

Security system

The shutter is equipped with an anti-lifting device, conform to the norm NFP 90-308. This system uses ABS flanges + Straps + Supports to fix to the pool wall. The number of flanges used depends on the width of the pool : a minimum of 2 is required per pool wall.

The price of the cover includes :

- 2 white lacquered axis supports, one with a tork multiplier.
- 1 anodised aluminium axis
- 1 cover composed of PVC calcium / zinc slats, white in colour.
- 1 removable wheel
- 1 security kit composed of ABS flanges and straps to be fixed to the pool wall
- 1 instruction booklet with installation guide

Optional equipment

Adjustable axis supports
If you choose the option of adjustable axis supports, you can reduce the required space of the cover during the winterizing period.

Wing System
The Wing System is an Abriblue innovation, allowing lateral surfaces to be covered, securing the total surface area of the pool water as a whole.

Security systems
- Available on option, the Coverlock security system is a new fixation system that combines simplicity of use and esthetics.

To close the shutter, simply insert the locking mechanism into the designated orifice and push the Coverlock to lock.

To open, just push simultaneously the Coverlock and the locking system to free the shutter cover before rolling it on the axis.

Available in 4 colours : White, sand, blue and grey. Coverlock conforms to the norm NFP 90-308.

- ABS flanges + Straps + Stainless steel supports to fix under the pool border available on option.

Adjustable axis support

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Adjustable axis supports
Wing system

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Wing System

Spacer20Spacer20Coverlock security system


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