ABRIBLUE Banc Classic

Banc Classic above ground pool shutter
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ABRIBLUE BANC Classic automatic shutter
EUR 5990.00
Above ground installation,
Cable powered,
Dependable, practical and esthetic,
Aluminium axis protection with PVC or hardwood finish
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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ABRIBLUE Banc Classic in detail

Inner dimensions of pool
Price including VAT *
Above ground automatic pool cover with axis protection, powered by cable
Dependable, practical and esthetic
Conforms to the norm NFP 90-308,
* Shutter featuring white PVC slatted axis protection.
2 persons are needed to reception the material

Advantages du volet

The ABRIBLUE Banc Classic replies top the needs of those who wish to fully enjoy their pool while preserving the esthetic quality of their relaxation zone.
This above ground automatic pool cover features axis protection finished with PVC or hardwood (on option) slats.

Installation is particularly simple : perfectly adapting to the majority of existing pools or projects under construction.

This automatic pool cover secures your pool while limiting installation work using one cable to link the shutter to your power source situated in the technical shelter.

Its tubular motor manages limit management using external sensors and features disengaging mechanics. Its locking system offers optimal security for your pool.

Pratical : Opening and closing manoeuvring can be completed by one person only by means of the key command. 3 minutes is enough to roll or unroll your automatic pool cover.

The removable outer casing of the axis protection facilitates operation of installation and maintenance as well as slat cleaning.

Economical : Limits water evaporation. Reduces cleaning and keeps water clean. The shutter conserves water temperature, offering superior thermal qualities, making savings and lengthening your swimming season.

The shutters opaque slats limits photosynthesis, the main reason for algae development.
Installation banc classic

Available colours banc classic

Technical features

Norm NFP90-308
Rigid white lacquered aluminium with key command
Flange fixation
Bolts, plugs + positioning screws to adjust horizontally.
Composite, Ø200mm
Electric motor
24 V tubular contained in the axis with adjustable limit management.
Distribution box
220 V / 24V
Security system
Unlocked at the axis using a safety pin
Opening and closing
3 position key command
Floating cover
Composed of slats
Axis protection frame
White lacquered aluminium
Axis protection finish
PVC or hardwood
Outer casing of axis protection
Removable for easier maintenance
Securing system
Conditions of use
4 season
Maximum dimensions
7,50m x 15m

Details of slats

Extruded PVC with anti-stain treatment
Calcium/Zinc anti-UV
Width of slats
Depth of slats
Performance in warm conditions
Clipping system
Male to female
Caps welded by manufacturer + removable fins
Available colours
White, blue, sand, grey, marble blue, transparent polycarbonate, translucid blue, silver bio layer, blue bio layer
Compatible pool shapes
Rectangular shapes, for other shapes consult us
Stair option
At the end of the pool - consult us

Available colours

Immax slats

Cover assembly

To clip one slat to the other, begin by engaging the male fixture on the left-hand slat into the female fixture on the right-hand slat (fig.1). (fig.1).

Repeat an oscillating movement till the slats click together (fig.2).

Attach the first rang of slats equipped with rolling straps using pliers. Equalise the lateral movement of the shutter cover (fig.3).
Slat assembly Abriblue<br />

20 mm fins finish the caps. To adjust the width of the cover to that of your pool, you can replace the standard fins with various sizes ranging from 10, 15, 25 to 30mm available from us. Note : all cuts of caps cancels the buoyancy and rigidity guarantee of the covers slats.

To unclip a slat, inverse the procedure (ref fig.1) by holding the lower section of the female mechanism (left-hand slat) to free the upper hook of the male section (right-hand slat).]

Choice of axis protection outer casing finish

Your outer casing protection can be finished with white or sand PVC slats or hardwood slats to accord with the esthetic of your pool. The outer casing of your axis protection requires little maintenance and enjoys and excellent lifespan. This feature can be removable to facilitate the cleaning of your shutter slats.

Available colours of axis protection

Installation of automatic pool cover

Install the electrical distribution box (Respecting the norm C.15.100). Use 2 wired cable (2 x 6 mm²). Cable is not supplied.

In the case of an existing pool, a trim of the pool border edge may be needed to ensure the friction-free passage of the shutter.

For sharp angles and rayons of 15 cm maximum, position the axe of the axis supports 15cm towards the inside of the pool. For pools with a rayon greater than 15 cm, contact us.
Open solar trim
Pool border trim

1 Fix the axis supports and level horizontally.
2. Place the axis into position.
3. Assemble the shutter covers slats.
4. Put the security kit into place.
5. Adjust the limit management.

Preparation of the pool border

To install the axis protection, the pool surround must have an available level surface the width of the protection unit up to the pool edge on both sides of the pool. The pool surround must be adapted to the supplied fixation system. The width on which the Banc Classic is to be installed must not be shaded (by buildings or vegetation...).

Preparation of installation

Required installation space

Front view
Required installation space   front view

Height (A) :

- Length of pool lesser than 12m = 650mm

- Length of pool greater than 12m = 750mm

Total required space (B) = Length of pool + 200 to 300mm

-> All dimensions are in mm

Profile view
Profile view of Bench Classic

Width of bench (C) :

- Length of pool lesser than 12m = 750mm

- Length of pool greater than 12m = 850mm

Pool trim

Pool trim Banc Classic

Pool trim Banc Classic
Sharp angled pools (1), Rounded angled pools (2),
Trim in mm (X)
Minimum pool trim depending on pool length
Length of shutter in meters
Side X in mm

Shutter axis

- The axis must be positioned on a horizontal level, perpendicular to the pool.

- The motorisation of the automatic pool cover can be disengaged enabling manual opening and closing of the shutter. If this is the case, the limit management system needs to be reprogrammed after automatic service has resumed.

- The axis is positioned aligned with the rear pool borders edge or at the end of a final radius and centred on the pools width.

- The axis protection flanges should be positioned level on the edge of the pool border. The lower beam is situated on the swim side of the pool.

- We advise not to proceed with floor anchorage before effectuating a full unrolling of the shutter body to check and adjust positioning.

- It is necessary to effectuate a trim of the pool borders edge to ensure the smooth passage without creating friction with the shutter cover when opening and closing to avoid the risk of breaking the finishing caps.


Installation schema
1. Technical shelter

2. 24V motor powered by cable :

2 x 4mm² if L < 15m


2 x 6mm² if 15 < L < 30m.

3. Pool

(Cabling must be completed by a certified technician in conformity to the norm NF C15-100)
A 30 mA protection should be fitted at the depart of the circuit 220 volts (3 x 2.5mm² 10A) that powers the transformer 220v / 24v.
Consult us for distances longer than 30m.

The electrical installation must be in respect of the norm C15-100.
- Connect the pool and all equipment to an earth cable to evacuate stray currents that could accentuate the effect of oxidisation of metal (stainless steel 316, anodised aluminium 6060 anodisé or lacquered using beckryzing).

- As many water treatment solutions are available on today's market, we no longer assume responsibility and guarantee in the case of non-respect of correct water balance. In the case of the use of a water treatment system that produces an electrochemical reaction that accelerates corrosion, take all precautions to limit negative effects. In general, it must be kept in mind that the use of an automatic cover reduces the need for oxidant agent production between 75 and 90% between when the shutter is open or shut. Communication between the electrical distribution box and the water treatment system is possible to take into account the cover's open, or closed position. The water treatment production is, therefore, automatically adapted.

- The distribution box should be installed in a dry technical shelter, with a 10A trip switch and a 30mA circuit breaker at the cable depart 220 volts (3 x 2,5mm² 10A) to power the 220v/24v transformer.

- All cables should be linked in accessible junction boxes above the level of the pool water.

Required cables from the distribution box to the rollers mechanism : :

Distance from technical shelter
< 15 m : Required cable section 2 x 4 mm²; Limit management system and Command Already connected
< 30 m : Required cable section 2 x 6 mm²; Limit management system and Command Already connected

Already connected

The Open Classic shutter is equipped with an anti-lifting device conform to the norm NFP 90-308. This system is composed of ABS flanges + Straps + wall anchoring brackets to be anchored to the pool wall.
The number of anti-lifting devices needed depends on the width of the pool and is determined by the manufacturer. There is a minimum of 2 per wall.

The price of the shutter includes :

- 2 white lacquered axis supports without apparent fixations. One features a 3 position key command.
- 1 composite axis, Ø200mm
- 1 cover composed of white PVC calcium / zinc
- 1 motor
- 1 axis protection bench
- 1 security kit composed of ABS flanges and straps to fix to the pool wall.
- 1 instruction booklet with installation guide

Optional equipment

Wing System
The Wing System is an Abriblue innovation, allowing lateral surfaces to be covered, securing the total surface area of the pool water as a whole.

Security systems
- Available on option, the Coverlock security system is a new fixation system that combines simplicity of use and esthetic.

To close the cover, simply insert the locking mechanism into the designated orifice and push the Coverlock to lock.

To open, just push simultaneously the Coverlock and the pool cover locking system to free the shutter cover before rolling it on the axis.

Available in 4 colours : White, sand, blue and grey. Coverlock conforms to the norm NFP 90-308.

- ABS flanges + Straps + Stainless steel supports to fix under the pool border available on option.

Wing system

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Wing System

Spacer20Spacer20Coverlock security system

Recommendation for use

- Install an overflow using a discharge connected to a 50mm pipe (minimum) to obtain water level at -12cm under the pool edge. We do not recommend overflow situated in the skimmer.

- Do not seal the skimmers in the length of the pool but on the width.

- Consolidate the edge of the pool at the anchoring points to avoid all risk of loosening. Use concrete, 350 kg/m3 for 20 cm depth in height and width. You could pre-seal the anchoring parts concerning the flanges and beam fixations to ensure extra solidity.
- If translucid slats are used on the shutter cover, a discharge nozzle should be installed at the level of the 1st step of the pool and in shallow zones.


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