ECA BAHIA mobile pool shutter

Bahia mobile above ground shutter on rails
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4879 € Including VAT
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ECA BAHIA battery powered above ground shutter
EUR 4879.00
For pool up to 5 x 10m + stairs,
Battery power source,
Limit management
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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The ECA BAHIA automatic above mobile ground shutter on rails is a pool covering system that adapts to many pool shapes.

Ideal for free-form pools * that are not compatible with a static automatic cover - equally adaptable to traditional pools.

The axis positioned on rails ensures the regularity of the cover when unrolling the shutter cover on the pool surface.

Its axis is positioned on rails and can be pulled back several meters, allowing the pool surround and border to be freed on 4 sides when the shutter is in a rolled position.

* consult us concerning your pool shape.

Bahia in situ

Price indication of BAHIA mobile on rails

dimensions of the pool in meters
BAHIA mobile on rails incl VAT
6m x 3m
4830 €
7m x 3.5m
4980 €
8m x 4m
5270 €
10m x 5 m
6070 €
Option : ROMAN stair cut, diameter <= 3m
+ 340 €

*Prices including VAT, shutters with white slats, rectangular pool with straight angles leaving from manufacturer.
Available colours : White, sand, blue or grey
Other dimensions are available - contact us today for your personalied quote.

The price of the shutter includes:

- 2 aluminium,white, lacquered axis supports
- 4 80mm wheels for rail
- 2 white, grained effect thermoformed casings.
- 2 aluminium structural bars
- 2 surface mounted rails 3ml (concealed version available on option)
- 4 rail stops for the axis
- 1 charger 220v/12v IP67
- 1 male connector type EUROPA
- 1 indexing system that can stop the system in operation or if it is holding a weight
- 1 12v battery situated in the axis support on the motor side
- 1 key command
- 1 anodised aluminium axis 146mm or 196mm diameter (depending on pool dimensions)
- 1 shutter cover composed of white slats (beige, blue and grey on option)
- 1 security system composed of ABS flanges and straps to be anchored to the pool wall (or under the pool border, on option)
- 1 Packaging.

Bahia in situ

The battery powered motor simplifies installation (no cable connection is required).

The Bahia automatic cover is easy to open and close using the key command that can be manipulated by one person alone.
The shutter cover unrolls effortlessly, floating on the water surface.

Bahia rolling and floating

The Bahia mobile on rails is equipped with a motor that features limit management, powered by a 12v battery.

The Bahia conforms to the norm NF P90-308.

The shutter cover is composed of slats made from white extruded PVC 71mm wide, 17mm thick, that offer excellent buoyancy.

The air contained in each slat ensures buoyancy and limits the dispersion of pool water heat, lengthening your swimming season.

Opaque slats reduce photosynthesis, the main cause of algae development and proliferation.

Details of the shutter slats

The shutter slats of the Bahia mobile on rails conform to the norm NF P90-308.

Each slat is composed of 3 compartments containing air.
The air ensures buoyancy of the slats and limits the dispersion of pool water heat.

At the extremity of each slat soldered caps ensure sealing. 20 mm fins finish the slat. These fins can be replaced by fins of varying sizes.
PVC with anti-UV and anti stain treatment
Width of slats
71 mm
Thickness of slats
White (blue, beige or grey on option)
Stair option
ask us for your quote

Fin detail NEO
Fin finish
Cut finish NEO
Shaped finish
Guiding wheels Bahia
Guiding wheels

Available colours


Shutter assembly

- The assembly of the shutter is effectuated by clicking the slats together.

- To clip one slat to the other, begin by engaging the male fixture on the left-hand slat into the female fixture on the right-hand slat (fig.1 et fig.2).

- Repeat an oscillating movement till the slats click together (fig.3).
Clip system NEO

Stair cuts

When the shutter is positioned to the width of the pool, it can adapt to various shapes of stairs : rectangular (1), trapeze (2), roman (3), semi-circular (4) or free form (5) (after consultation with us).

Various stair cut possibilities

Two finishes are available for the option stair cut : Sharp cut (a) or shaped cut (b).

The sharp cut is the most economic. The shaped cut allows you to better follow the shape of the pool and is more esthetic.

The stair cuts are available on option - contact us for your quote

Pool border trim to position axis

For existing pools with a round edged pool border, a trim is obliged to allow the shutters passage.

For correct operation, the shutter the outer measurement of the pool border should not be greater than 4,60 m for a pool with inner dimensions of 4,03m.

For correct operation, the shutter the outer measurement of the pool border should not be greater than 5,60 m for a pool with inner dimensions of 5,03m.

Length of the pool in meters4m5m6m8m10m
Side X in mm250mm265mm285mm305mm335mm

Bahia schema

Rayon (a), sharp angle (b), sidee x (c).

For pools with a sharp angle and maximum rayon of 15 cm, the axis of the supports must be positioned 15 cm towards the inside of the pool.
For pools with a rayon greater than 15 cm, consult us

Positioning the axis

To correctly position the cover of the shutter on the water surface, the roller must effectuate full movement without obstacles. To ensure this :

Your pool border and filtration unit must not pass a certain height to avoid all friction with the aluminium structural bar.

refer to the below table for detail :
Railssurface mounted railsConcealed rails
Height A7663
Height B3017
Maximum height of passage Bahia

Details Bahia axis + rails

The axis structure moves using the rails positioned at each extremity of the axis. Each rail is equipped with two rail stoppers to halt the structure.

The command

Shutter command
The key command is linked to a 12v battery, integrated to the axis support allowing opening and closing of the shutter to be effectuated.

You do not have to dig trenches to bring a cable to the shutter. This system facilitates the installation of the shutter on most existing pools.

Battery Bahia


Cabling Bahia

Battery (1), motor (2), connecting bar(3), fuse holder (4), key insert and reset (5), charger (6).

When connecting, be careful not to inverse polarities.

Security system

Your ECA BAHIA mobile on rails is delivered with an anti-lifting system. It is imperative that your shutter is equipped with an attaching system to be conform to the norm NF 90-308.

Security system

The shutter is delivered with an anti-lifting system. It is imperative that your shutter is equipped with a strap system to conform to the norm NF 90-308.

You can select from one of the 3 following systems :

Loop and strap system

Installation - One of 2 fixation systems can be chosen :
- On the pool wall (included in the price of the shutter)
- On pool surround(on option) with 2 possible heights : 2 supplied connecting rods (1 long, 1 short) to choose from depending on the water height
- Supplied hardware
Use: Easy, material strap with clip buckle
Colour of strap : White

Loop and strap fixation system
Loop and strap system, fixing point on pool wall or pool surround, two possible heights

ABS fixation system with material strap (on option)

Installation : Pool wall or pool surround, hardware supplied
Use: Easy, material strap with clip buckle
Colour of strap : White

ABS system
ABS system
ABS on surround

316L stainless steel and ABS strap system (On option)

Ultra resistant, esthetic and discreet

Easy installation - 2 types of fixation to choose from :
- Fixing point on pool wall
- Fixing point on pool surround : 2 connecting rods supplied (1 long, 1 short).
- Hardware supplied

Use :
To attach a strap : Uncover the shield on the wall plate and insert the locking system.
To free a strap: Pivot and free the locking system, replace the shield on the wall plate.

Stainless steel system

Available colours stainless steel system
ABS straps can match the slats of your shutter in colour. You have the choice of white, sand, grey or blue
Secure opening
Secure opening

Warning : Fixation system is incompatible with salt treatment

How many security straps do I need on a roller without a reel protection?

Max. inner width of poolReelStair sideTotal
Width lesser or equal to 3 m224
From 3 to 5 m336
From 5 to 7 m448
Less than 7 m5510

Packing and transport

Packing and transport
At least two persons and adapted equipment are needed to unload and manipulate the delivery.

All delivered merchandise should be checked with the driver.

Optional equipment

Bahia concealed rails
You can order the Bahia mobile featuring concealed rails.
Contact us for more details


3 years on motor
3 years on slat buoyancy and sealing
3 years on rolling mechanics
2 years on battery and charger

Photos non-contractual
Price incl. VAT

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