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Boracay spa

Boracay spa
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Ref. Abatik 022090
Boracay spa for 6 persons
Spa featuring 6 person capacity, 5 sitting, 1 lounging
50 water jets,
Venturi Controls (personalised massage)
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Boracay spa for 6 persons
Ref. Abatik 022090 Ref. Provider CORSICASUPERIOR
EUR 7390
7390 €
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The Boracay spa has 6 person capacity, 5 persons sitting and 1 lounging. The deep, ergonomic seats offer vast leg room.

The control panel of the Boracay spa is very user-friendly and enables you to change temperature, adjust lighting and control massage intensity by the simple touch of a button. It's Venturi control gives the possibility to personalise your massage as desired, depending on your wishes at any given time.

Boracay 6 person spa
The Boracay 6 person spa has been specifically constructed to ensure comfort and a long lifespan.
Multi layered tub

Multi-layered tub
LED lighting features

LED ambient lighting features
Control panel

Control panel
PVC outer casing

PVC outercasing

Boracay spa, 6 person capacity


• Length : 232 cm
• Width : 232 cm
• Height : 87 cm
• Empty weight : 310 kg, full weight : 1830 kg
• Volume : 1520 liters

Seating, jets and comfort

• 5 sitting places, one lounging zone
• 50 massaging hydrojets
• 6 high-powered LED lighting features
• Waterfall feature

Seating capacity
PVC outer casing

Clean water is essential to totally benefit from your spa, which is why the filtration system of the Boracay is composed of 2 micro filter cartridges that stop even the finest particles. The skimmer basket retains even the finest particles and can be easily removed for a quick clean.

To guarantee impeccable cleanliness, the Boracay is equipped with an ozone generator that disinfects and cleans water. This treatment system destroys bacteria and micro-organisms by the oxidisation of their resulting debris.

Boracay spa in detail

50 water jets

50 water jets
Retro lit control
Retro-lit control
Waterfall feature

Waterfall feature

The tub has a thermoformed Lucite® acrylic finish. Lucite® acrylic evokes quality, resistance and durability.

Between the tub and PVC outer casing there are several successive layers of thermic insulation that help to avoid heat loss PVC. A complementary polyurethane insulation is added to the inner cavity. This recycles and absorbs the calories produced by the pumps and electronic material to heighten or maintain water temperature.

The Boracay spa is delivered with an insulating cover. This helps to stop evaporation, maintaining the spa water temperature. The cover equally secures the spa access.

Inside view Boracay spa

Technical features

Outer casing
PVC - Labour free
Polyurethane against the tub. Thermo-reflective insulation against outer casing.
Besa / hood
ABS insulating and waterproof
1 3HP 2 speed pump
Ozone generator
600 mg/h water treatment
1 Venturi for personalised massage
Water outlet
Programmable high-flow micro filter cartridge
Balboa 3 Kw
Subaquatic spot
multicolored LED
Required electrical supply
230 V / 16 A


10 years on structure
5 years on tub
2 years on all other material

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