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Punta Cana 5 person spa
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Ref. Abatik 008358
Punta Cana spa
For 5 persons, 2 lounging zones, 3 sitting positions,
49 jets with chrome nozzles,
12 air jets - Aristech® acrylic tub,
198 x 198 x 84cmH, ozone generator, blower,
LED lighting, waterfall
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Punta Cana spa
Ref. Abatik 008358
EUR 8373
8373 €
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Bromine treatment box for spa
Ref. Abatik 000081 Ref. Provider K800405HA
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Discover the PUNTA CANA spa: 5 person capacity, 2 lounging, 3 sitting. 49 hydro and air jets, detailed design and optimised capacity.

The PUNTA CANA spa features a detailed finish.

LED lighting detail
Integrated LED lighting in the body of the tub as well as the main projector.

The PUNTA CANA uses an air blower to power it's 12 air jets and a waterfall feature. An ozone treatment sanitises the spa water.
Punta cana large view

Birds eye view Punta Cana
Birds eye view: 5 person capacity, 2 lounging, 3 sitting, massage nozzles and spa suction plug, skimmer, control panel and regulating valves
Detail nozzles
A - Chrome Jets
B - Floating skimmer ensuring quality filtration
C - User-friendly digital control panel

Punta Cana packing
D - Protective packaging: Your spa arrives in perfect condition
Punta Cana steps
E - The 2 step walk-up and thermic cover are your gifts


Equipped with 49 chrome jets for greater sitting comfort.
The spa is equipped with various types of nozzles, giving a wide choice of massages. You can totally personalise your massage by choosing to close certain nozzles and leave others open, distributing and concentrating water flow to a particular zone.
Details of nozzles
Details of spa nozzles :
F - Rotating nozzle : an internal disk creates a rotation of the nozzle which in turn,
produces a rotating jet of water. This rotation provides a strong, deep massage on vast zones of the body.

G - Directional / adjustable nozzles : small or large version
For a directional massage to treat muscular or joint pain.

H - Integrated waterfall, with backlit lighting feature.

I - Blower Jet : to diffuse air bubbles throughout the spa.
Thousand of air bubbles have a massaging effect and create water movement.
Air jet

Venturi controls

Three Venturi regulators (control the air/water flow).

Independently actioned, regulating massage pressure naturally via conveyed air.
This procedure allows you to choose the desired massage intensity.

1 - Valve in open position
Jet sending air into spa water

2 - The valve in closed position.
Venturi control system

Choice of utilised zones in spa

Venturi power selection
You will find the power control on the top left-hand side of the control panel
that enables you to choose the zone of the spa you wish to use.

It doesn't matter if you use the spa solo or at full, 5 person, capacity,
you will always benefit from total comfort.

Inclined to the left, you can use
one sitting zone and two seats are actioned
Inclined to the right, one sitting zone and one seat.
Central, all jets are actioned.

Power selector

Technical details

Total number of jets
Total number of hydro massage jets
Number of Air jets
Number of foot massage jets
Electronic equipment
Capacity of users
5, 3 sitting, 2 lounging
Dimensions of spa
198 x 198 x 84 cm
Number of pumps
Hydro massage pump
3 HP
Circulation pump
0.5 HP
Blower capacity
1.5 HP
Heating system
3 Kw
Acrylic tub
Reinforced Aristech®
Electrical supply
220 V/ 50Hz
Required amperage
25 A
Volume of water
1700 litres
Net weight
280 kg
Floor surface
Supporting floor weight
495 Kg/m²
Lighting features
peripheric LED + spa floor spot
Water treatment
ozone generator
Ridgid thermic cover with locking system
High-density polyurethane foam
High density skimmer + 3 suction plugs
Diverter valve
Venturi regulating valve

Punta Cana with its 2 step walk up

Maintenance of floating skimmer

The Punta Cana spa is easy to maintain. Using an automatic ozone generator to sanitise the spa water in complement to chemical product treatment.

A filtering cartridge placed under the floating skimmer (ref photo to right) captures impurities contained in the spa water.
Floating skimmer

Complimentary maintenance products

Water treatment kit
The complementry treatment box contains :

A - 2 kg of pH - micro balls
B - 1,2 kg of pH + powder
C - 1 L Radient water 3 in 1
D - 1 L spa cleaner
E - 1,2 kg of shock without chlorine
F - 1 kg of bromine pastels
G - 1 tube of water test bands (25 bands)
water treatment guide for spa

Bacteria and algae are destroyed by the combined action of the ozone generator and chemical water treatment products. One or two bromine pastels are placed in the skimmer, the spa water pH should be balanced.


10 years on tub
2 years on all other parts
2 years on cover and head rests

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