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Ref. Abatik 017239
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Rivera spa 5 person capacity including 2 lounging spaces
5 person capacity including 2 lounging spaces,
48 water jets, 10 air jets,
2 3HP pumps, blower, ozone generator,
LED, thermic cover
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Rivera spa 5 person capacity including 2 lounging spaces
Ref. Abatik 017239 Ref. Provider MATLOCK
EUR 8990
8990 €
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Aromatherapy cartridge kit for Rivera spa
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Relax with Rivera<br />

Swimming pool online exclusively offers the Rivera Spa, comfortably accommodating 5 persons, including 2 lounging zones. The Rivera spa is ideal for relaxing one to one or as a family.
The repartition of 48 water jets and 10 blower jets offers a quality, holistic, massage. A dispatch system allows you to move hydro-power from one seat to another.

The Rivera features all of the benefits of a top of the range spa. Hydrotherapy properties that are powered by 2 3 horsepower pumps coupled with a Venturi air injection system, giving you the choice between a relaxing or tonic massage, depending on what you want, at a specific time.

Inside view

The Rivera spa is composed of thermoformed Lucite® acrylic renowned for quality, resistance and durability.

The Rivera spa tub has an anti-UV treatment as well as a Microban® film anti-bacterial treatment.

A thick layer of polyurethane foam insulates the tub to ensure very low thermic conduction, minimising heat loss and contributing to the phonic insulation of your spa.

The thermic cover of spa Rivera

The thermic cover ensures the security of the spa access and maintains the water temperature making energy savings.
The PVC outer casing is elegant and robust and does not require any particular maintenance.

The technical features offered means you have the choice to install your spa indoors or outdoors.

Lucite acrylic tub

Spacer20Lucite® acrylic tub
Massage jets

Spacer20Powerful massage jets
Control panel

Balboa® control panel
Ultra fine filtration

Ultra fine filtration cartridge


• Length : 195cm
• Width: 195cm
• Height : 82cm
• Empty weight : 310kg, full weight : 1460kg
• Capacity : 1150 litres

5 person capacity, jets and comfort

• 3 sitting, 2 lounging
• 48 massaging hydrojets
• 10 relaxing hydrojets
• 3 comfortable headrests
• 20 peripheric LED features
• Aromatherapy

The Rivera spa is equiped with a ultra-fine filtration cartridge and a circulation pump ensuring an excellent filtration of water.

With the goal of reducing chemical water treatment product consumption and having healthy water, the Rivera is equipped with an ozone generator.

20 peripheric LEDs are synchronised with subaqua lighting, controlled by the Balboa® panel situated on the side of the spa. The choice and available settings of colours mean you can choose the desired atmosphere and personalise your massage session.

The aromatherapy system is connected to the blower of your spa. Insert a packet of perfumed micro-balls in the designated compartment. The benefits of the essence will develop with the blowers action.

The Rivera spa in detail

Comfortable positions

The result of the spa's ergonomics equals a high-quality massage.
PVC outer casing

Spacer20Spacer20PVC outer casing of the Rivera spa is labour free.
CTechnical features

Lucite® acrylic
Thermic cover
10cm approx
Outer casing
PVC labour free
Mood lighting
Multicolour subaquatic LED lighting
Number of cushions
3 sitting and 2 lounging
2 single-phase 3 HP hydrotherapy pumps, 1 375W filtration/circulation pump, 1 400W blower
Number of hydrotherapy jets
48 massage hydro jets of which 36 are adjustable
Number of air jets
Venturi controls
Personalised controls
Connected to blower
Fast flow filter with microfilter cartridge
Ozone generator
Water heater
Balboa® 3kw heater
Water outlet
Base and hood
ABS insulated and waterproof
Water treatment
By Ozone
Polyurethane foam
Aromatherapy, 20 LED positioned on the inside peripheric of the spa
Required electrical power
230V 16A

Aromatherapy kit

The kit of 4 cartridges for the Rivera spa aromatherapy kit pour Spa Rivera is composed of disposable packets in the following essences:

-Lemon sorbet
-Peach passion
Amomatherapy kit


5 years on structure
2 years on all other parts

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