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Ref. Abatik 016639
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5 place Spa Glamour
Circular, 5 place spa,
Compact dimensions,
15 water jets, 2 Venturi controls,
3 kW water heater, Intuitive control panel,
LED lighting feature,
Delivered with thermal cover
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5 place Spa Glamour
Ref. Abatik 016639 Ref. Provider MALTA
EUR 5990
5990 €
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The spa Glamour allows you to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own home. Its spacious tub can accommodate 5 persons at a time comfortably.

This spa can be installed indoors or outdoors and considering its compact dimensions (ø 182 cm x H 74 cm) and light empty weight ensures an easy fitting and portability.

The control panel is accessible from the spa ensuring total control of settings and programs by simply pressing a button. You can control: the regulation of the water temperature and jets, control the filtration program or water treatment, the lighting or heating.

This spa features 15 massage jets and two Venturi controls. The Venturi controls allow you to increase or decrease the quantity of air bubbles propelled in the water. The more bubbles present in the water, the more "tonic" the massage.
5 person spa

The spa Glamour features a pump that optimises filtration by using a two-speed motor. Using minimum flow during filtration and full throttle in massage mode. This indicates the circulation of your water is optimised and you make economies on energy.

The spa has a high flow filtration system with a microfilter cartridge that maintains the cleanliness of the water. The Ozonator eliminates the bacterial content of the water, reducing the cost of water treatment products.

The tub of the spa Glamour is finished with a thermoformed leaf of Lucite® acrylic. Lucite® acrylic represents quality, resistance and durability.

The spa insulation is from polyurethane foam, limiting heat loss and saving energy. The Glamor is delivered with a thermic cover, conserving the water temperature and limiting evaporation.

The PVC body of the spa is resistant to UV rays. Weatherproof, it does not require any particular maintenance and enjoys an excellent lifespan. This spa fits perfectly into your indoor or outdoor environment:
5 place spa Glamour

The spa Glamour in detail

Control panel

Spacer20Balboa control panel

Venturi control

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Venturi control
Massage jets

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Massage jets

Configuration Glamour


Diameter : 182 cm
Height : 74 cm
Empty weight : 150 kg
Full weight : 750 kg
Capacity : 600 L

Distribution of space, jets and comfort

5 sitting positions
15 hydro massage jets
2 Venturi controls

Technical features

Number of places
5 sitting
Outer casing
PVC - no maintenance
Single-phase filtration pump, 2,5 HP two-speed motor
Can be programmed - microfilter cartridge
Water treatment
By ozone
3 kW Balboa
Polyurethane foam
Water outlet
LED projector
Base and hood
ABS waterproof and insulating
Required electrical supply
240 V / 16 A

Delivered with a thermic cover that ensures the spa security, conserves the water temperature and limits evaporation.
Spa Glamour


10 years on structure
5 years on tub
2 years on material

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