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Ipanema iPremium spa, 31 jets, top of the range, offers relaxation and comfort

Ipanema iClassic spa
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Comfortable 4 person capacity,
31 hydro massage jets,
Interior LED backlighting: 16 colours,
100% recyclable
Isothermal cover
100% recyclable, this spa can comfortably hold up to 4 persons, 3 sitting, 1 lounging.

LED backlighting

The translucid tub allows the light diffused from the inside of the tub to completely pass through the structure. This brings a touch of originality and modernity to you spa installation.

You will be surprised by the many lighting choices offered by the Ipanema iPremium spa : Colour sequences, stroboscope mode, white light or crossfade sequences.

Using the remote control, you can easily manage lighting at a distance and access a wide palette of colours.

LED technology guarantees the longest lifespan of bulbs available and the lowest electrical consumption rate.

Jets Ipanema iPremium
31 hydromassage jets

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Rotomolded spa

Using the roto-molding technique creates a spa tub manufactured in one piece. The raw material is placed into a rotating mould, resulting a monobloc unit.
This technique presents numerous advantages: no risk of leaks, perfect water tightness, high resistance to shocks over time.

You are sure to be able to benefit from the very best of the spa universe. All that's left to do is relax, tone or detox!
Perfect for indoor or outdoor installation, day or night, the lighting of your spa will offer a high-quality moment of true relaxation and pleasure.

Technology meets well being

31 hydro massage jets, 4 massage positions allow you to benefit from their therapeutic virtues for your health or to share a high-quality relaxing moment between friends or family.

3 Kw heater warms your water harmoniously.

The isothermal cover limits spa access, keeping heat in the water and limiting evaporation.

The Ozonator strongly contributes to cleanliness and lowers chemical treatment product consumption. This procedure is entirely natural and indispensable, limiting the risk of skin irritations.

Ipanema insitu

The control panel and remote control

Control panel

You can manage the following settings :

1 : PUMP : to start and stop the pump

2 : PROGRAMMATION : this key does not manage lighting (it is controlled via the remote control) but does offer access to the other functions of the setting menu

3 : TEMPERATURE. Displayed upscreen : shows real water temperature, adjustable using high and low buttons. The programme reference temperature is shown down screen.

4 : SMART WINTER MODE : Protects your system from the cold by activating the spas pumps when required, stopping water from freezing.

5 : WATER HEAT : This stops when water reaches its reference temperature. Every 15 to 90 min the pump activates to allow precise water temperature measures and avoid activating the water heater if the spa is empty.

6 : FILTER : This lights when filtration is activated and flashes when filtration is suspended.

7 : REFERENCE. This is the temperature that you wish to reach.

Using this control panel you can equally manage the following settings :

Pause mode : Hold the PUMP, button for 5 seconds and you stop all settings for 30 mins. During cleaning, for example. .

Program mode : Press PROGRAMMATION and you can adjust the time clock, filtration cycles, purge, economical mode... you can also program time of cycle depart, duration, the frequency of cycles...

Ipanema iPremium is equipped with security settings.

Remote control

This allows you to manage LED lighting for the spa from a distance.

Warning, the handset is not waterproof

1 : to heighten luminosity or accelerate sequences
2 : to lower luminosity or slow sequences
3 : 7 colour sequence
4 : stroboscope mode with white light
5 : crossfade sequences with 16 colours
6 : direct sequencing using red, green and blue
7 : static colour
Remote control and options

Technical characteristics

1 LED 5" spot
Hydromassage jets
31 : 15 jets 3.5" + 14 jets 2" + 2 jets 5"
4 : 3 sitting and 1 lounging
2 gate valves
Water heating
1x 3 Kw water heater
Water treatment
1 2-speed pump 3HP
Skimmer and short filter
Evacuation system
1 suction drain at the bottom of the spa tub
Air regulation
3 venturi valves and 1 diverter valve
Setting managment
Control panel
Colour management
Remote control
Protection system
1 isothermal cover
Weight of cover
Empty weight
230 kg
Full weight
1080 kg
LED IP protection

Dimensions Ipanema iPremium spa
Upper and lower dimensions
Detail of elements featured with Ipanema Spa
Schema of featured elements


2 years
Cover 1 year

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Price incl. VAT

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