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DREAM 7 spa

Dream 7 spa
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DREAM 7 spa
Light polyethylene tub.
5 person capacity with 2 lounging zones.
20 jets massage jets.
Thermic cover.
Bromine treatment box for spa
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STEP for spa
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DREAM 7 spa
Ref. Abatik 013282 Ref. Provider DREAM 7
EUR 4690
4690 €
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The Dream 7 spa is the latest in the Dream range with a capacity of 5 persons including 2 lounging zones. Its light polyethylene tub proves easy portability, the seating is comfortable and allows a total immersion of the body in the spa water.

Grey tone Dream 7Sand tone Dream 7

The Dream 7 features 20 rotating, pulsating massage jets, enabling you to select or exclude exclusively one part of your body, by closing or minimising pressure by means of adjusting the jets.

2 Venturi controls give the possibility to disassociate air flow and water flow. The massage can be gentle by using only water pressure or a more tonic massage can be chosen using a mix of air associated with water. A large quantity of bubbles propulsed in the water provokes a vigorous turbulence which invigorates the capillary wall of the epidermis, relaxing the muscular mass and articulations.

Technical specifications

Outer casing
Polyurethane foam
Empty weight
Water capacity
3 sitting and 2 lounging
Number of jets
20 massaging hydrojets
Water heater
2 kW Balboa heater
Control panel
Electronic, situated on the upper casing
Mood lighting
Subaquatic LED multicolour spot
Venturi control
High flow micro filter cartridge
2,5HP single-phase
L208cm x w208cm x h76cm
Thermic cover
8 cm thick, weighing 10kgs, security system protecting access
Grey or sand
Required power supply
230V / 10A

The control panel of the Dream 7 spa is equipped with easy to use digital, luminous indicators allowing you to control the diverse options of the pump and lighting system.

The Dream 7 is equipped with an ozone generator that destroys bacteria found in water. Using this generator, the disinfection of your spa water needs less chemical treatment reducing your maintenance and your chemical product budget. The use of ozone also reduces the risk of eye and skin irritation.
Dream 7 in situ
A relaxation area for all the family to enjoy
Dream 7 in situ
The Dream 7 spa is also available in a sand shade

Featuring a multicoloured subaqua LED lighting system.
Delivered with a thermic cover that secures spa access, maintains water temperature and limits evaporation.

Colours and options

Mountain grey
Mountain grey

Option : Water treatment box

Spa treatment
Including :

A - 1,2 Kg of Bromine pastels

B - 1,2 Kg of Chlorine shock without powder

C - 1,2 Kg of pH - micro-balls

D - 1,2 Kg of pH + powder

E - 1 L 3 in 1 radient water

F - 1 L Spa cleaner

G - 1 Tube 25 water quality testing strips

H - 1 Water treatment guide

Anticipate 3 to 4 persons to reception the delivery of your spa.


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