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Honeymoon spa

Honeymoon spa
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Honeymoon spa
30 chrome jets, 2 lounging positions, 1 sitting position,
Ozonation, LED lighting, acrylic tub
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Honeymoon spa
Ref. Abatik 000806
EUR 4333
4333 €
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Full view Honeymoon spa
The Honey moon spa features a powerful hydro massage system, composed of two pumps (filtration pump 1HP, massage pump 3HP) and 30 variable jets.
Its dimensions indicate that the Honey moon can be installed outside or inside, on a terrace or in your garden.
With compact measurements (184 x 124 x 78cmH) and an empty weight of 150 kg ensure easy installation and portability.

LED lighting features

17 emitting LED features surround the interior of the tub, complementing the spot situated on the bottom surface that illuminates the water.

Upper view of honeymoon
The ergonomic aspect of the spa combined with the depth of sitting and lounging places and headrests offer a high level of comfort. Your spa is disinfected by ozone, maintaining healthy water.

The outer casing is made from water resistant synthetic wood that features a double film barrier guaranteeing a good insulation.

The Honey Moon is easily installed, just plug in and fill with water using a hose.

1 sitting position
2 lounging positions
Nozzles with chrome finish

Features of 3 place spa

User capacity
3 persons, 1 sitting, 2 lounging
Water capacity
600 liters
184 x 124 x H78 cm
Empty weight
150 kgs
Rotating jets
Directional rotating jets
Directional jets
Direct jets
Water outlet
Distribution valve
Air regulator
Inside spot + 17 surrounding LEDs
Filtration system
skimmer + cartridge filter
Control panel
Filtration pump
Massage pump
3 HP
Heating system
3kW electric heater
Power supply
220 V
Circuit breaker
32A + integrated differential switch 30 mA
Outer casing
Synthetic Permawood
Lucite acrylic

Spa cover
Outer casing
Made from insulated wood composite to create a better conservation of calories in the water.

An insulated cover is supplied with each spa allowing you to maintain your water temperature and protect spa access.

The electrical connection is completed by simply using a domestic socket (protected by the use of a circuit breaker 32A + integrated differential switch 30 mA - Norm C 15-100)

Chrome nozzles
Chrome nozzles

Control panel and floor spot
Control panel
A control panel lets you selection the pump functions, lighting features, filter settings and water temperature.

The floor spot
The floor spot ensures the actual water lighting, the colored LEDs surround the inside contour of the tub.


Water treatment

Water treatment
Including :

A - 1,2 Kg of Bromine pastilles

B - 1,2 Kg of Non-powdered chlorine shock

C - 1,2 Kg of - pH micro-ball

D - 1,2 Kg of + pH powder

E - 1 L Radiant water 3 in 1
F - 1 L Spa cleaner

G - 1 Tube of 25 Water quality testing bands

H - 1 Water treatment guide

2 step walk-up

2 Step walk up for spa

A purge is recommended every 2 months depending on the frequency of spa's use using the siphon method or the pump.
Anticipate the water outlet!


2 years

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