AQUALUX Moon Brom bromine tablets

Aqualux Moon Brom bromine treatment
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Moon Brome from Aqualux 4 x 5 Kg
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Bromine water treatment, efficient even at high temperatures,
Does not sting eyes,
Highly resistant to pH variations
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Bromine tablets to disinfect your pool

- Stays efficient, even at a high temperature
- Does not produce gas emanation
- Odourless (no chloramine production),
- Does not sting skin or eyes
- Does not bleach hair
- High tolerance to pH variations

Condtioning: 4 buckets of 5 kgs, 20g tablets

The use of bromine treatment requires the use of a Brominator, a dosing unit which is simple to use and easy to install.
A brominator diffuses in a regular manner your bromine tablets throughout your pool water.

Installation schema for chlorinator or brominator

Installation schema brominator or chlorinator

1.Suction (skimmer), 2. Pump, 3. Filter, 4. Chlorinator/brominator, 5. Discharge 6. Pool.
Attach paddle clamps (A) on your existing service pipes and connect to booster pump using adapting pumbing sleeves (B), 90° elbow connections (D) and rigid PVC tubes PVC with a diameter of 32mm(E).

The valve allow you to (C) :
- regulate water flow that passes through the unit, optimising the consumption of the treatment product.
- to cut water flow passing through the unit, to recharge with treatment tablets.

Our plumbing kit includes all of the essential to connect to booster pumps, chlorinator or brominator.
Connection for rigid PVC only, easy to install and use in one hour only.

Componants of plumbing kit to chlorinator or brominator

Composition plumbing kit

1. Rigid piping D 32mm x 4 ML
2. PVC valve D 32mm to stick x 2
3. Reducing sleeves 32/40 x 4
4. PVC elbow connections to stick D 32mm x 4
5. Reducing collar 50.32 mm x 2
6. Teflon x 1
7. PVC glue 60ml x 1

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