Fun Ocedis Bromine water treatment to be used with electrolyser

Fun Ocedis Bromine water treatment to use with electrolyser
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Fun Ocedis bromine treatment for electrolyser 4 X 5 kg buckets
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5 kilos bucket,
Used with electrolysis
Active even with a high pH level
Avoids irritations
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The Ocedis Fun bromine treatment is an efficient treatment system for your pool or spa.

Used as a complement to your salt electrolysis system. Fun bromine transforms chlorine produced by salt into bromine, a powerful disinfectant.

Bromine does not cause irritation to skin or eyes and does not harm hair or swimming costumes. Bromine is the perfect solution for those who are allergic or intolerant to chlorine and is particularly suited to those with sensitive skin.

Odorless, bromine eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungus present in pool water.

Bromine is equally an efficient algaecide: destroying algae and preventing its development and so, maintains optimal cleanliness.
Fun Ocedis Bromine water treatment

Treatment system equally efficient in the case of high pH

A high pH level does not affect the efficiency of Fun Brome, which, contrary to chlorine, continues to disinfect and reactivates slow release bromine present in the pool water.

Use of Fun Bromine

Fun Bromineshould be placed in the pool skimmer when the pool is not in use.
The salt electrolyser should be adjusted to permanently maintain the adapted level of bromine:

Type of poolBromine levelrecommended pH level
Pools2 to 3 mg/lbetween 7,5 and 8,0
Spas3 to 6 mg/lbetween 7,4 and 7,8

Recommended doses

Volume of poolElectrolyser at 3 g/lElectrolyser at 5 g/lElectrolyser at 7 g/l
15 m³50 kg of salt + 1,0 kg of Fun Brome100 kg of salt + 2,0 kg of Fun Brome150 kg of salt + 3,0 kg of Fun Brome
40 m³120 kg de salt + 2,4 kg of Fun Brome200 kg of salt + 4,0 kg of Fun Brome280 kg of salt + 5,6 kg of Fun Brome
65 m³200 kg de salt + 4 kg of Fun Brome333 kg of salt + 6,7 kg of Fun Brome466 kg of salt + 9,3 kg of Fun Brome
100 m³300 kg de salt + 6 kg of Fun Brome500 kg of salt + 10 kg of Fun Brome666 kg of salt + 13,3 kg of Fun Brome

Fun Brome is efficient even in small quantities: Count 0,5 kg of Fun Brome for a 25 kg of salt used, being 2% of Fun Brome.


Levels of sodium bromide
100 %
pH (solution 1%)
6-0 - 8-0
sodium bromide (1000.00 g/kg)
5 kg bucket

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