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Puriq Bright UV treatment
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UV PURIQ Bright 40 steriliser
Automated UV water treatment system,
Compatible with all filtration systems,
Water treatment chemical consumption halved,
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UV PURIQ Bright 40 steriliser
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UV PURIQ Bright 80 steriliser
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UV PURIQ Bright 120 steriliser
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The UV Puriq Bright steriliser in detail

The Puriq Bright UV steriliser is particularly suitable for residential use, equipping the pool with an efficient, dependable, chlorine free disinfection system.
Easy to install, allowing continuous pool disinfection without risk to pool users.
The Puriq Bright UV steriliser has been designed to disinfect all pools with a maximum volume of 120 m³, eliminating viruses, bacterias, algae and other moulds.

UV rays with wavelengths lesser than 290nm (nanometres) have been used for some time to ensure water sterilisation and collectively used materials (laboratory material, medical equipment, cosmetics, hairdressers...).

The Puriq Bright UV steriliser produces UV-C with a wavelength of 253,7 nm killing all viruses and bacterias, providing pure and clear pool water. This cuts in half the quantity of chemical treatment products used.
Operational spectrum UVECO
UV ray spectrum
The exclusive UV technology of the steriliser has been designed to operate for 12 000 hours, approximately 50% longer lifespan than most UV lamps available on the market.

The LED system situated on the control box easily manages your lamp and tells you when you should anticipate bulb replacement.

- Green LED : 0 to 7999 operational hours (correct operation).
- Orange LED : 8000 to 11999 operational hours (anticipate replacing your lamp).
- Red LED : 12000 operational hours (replace your lamp).

This ingenious system allows you to benefit from an optimised UV water treatment system.

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This procedure is not only ecological, it also lowers the risk of allergies, reactions, itching or odours.
Water which is discharged from your pool's hydraulic circuit is non-polluting and presents no danger to the environment.

Puriq Bright UV pool water treatment

Several available models

The Puriq Bright UV steriliser is available in three versions depending on your pool dimensions:

- Puriq Bright 40 W for pools up to 40 m3
- Puriq Bright 80W for pools up to 80 m3
- Puriq Bright 120W for pools up to 120 m3


The Puriq Bright body is composed of 316L stainless steel. Water carried through the body of the unit is exposed to UV rays for a prolonged period. The width of the body ensures a very low loss of pressure when water passes through the unit. The internal section is polished, avoiding deposits of dust or any other foreign body.

Installed as slave circuit with the pool filtration system, the Puriq Bright steriliser is operational only during the cycles of filtration. When the filtration pump suspends activity, sterilisation ceases.
Puriq Bright lamp and display panel

Technical characteristics

.Puriq Bright 40 WPuriq Bright 80 WPuriq Bright 120 W
Maximum capacity of pool40.000 L80.000 L120.000 L
Lamp capacity in watts41 Watts80 Watts125 Watts
Lamp lifespan12.000 h12.000 h12.000 h
UV-C production16 Watts27 Watts42 Watts
Recommended flow12.000 L/h18.000 L/h22.000 L/h
Maximum pressure3 Bars3 Bars3 Bars
Supplied connection63 mm63 mm63 mm

Recommended capacity : 1 W per m3

Installation schema depicting UV water treatment

Operational schema UVECO
1. UV sterilisation
2. Power supply
3. Pool
4. Filtration pump
5. Filter
6. By-Pass

Puriq Bright
1. Easy to install
2. 100% ecological
3. Extra large housing for prolonged exposure to UV
4. Ultra-long lifespan of lamp
5. High UV production using latest technology lamps
6. 35% more production using reflection

Description of assembly parts

Puriq Bright UV water treatment system connection
Avoid water entering into the unit's socket by forming a loop on the power cable.

Puriq Bright UV is supplied with a wall mounting kit for vertical fixation.
N: Nut
L: Dowel
M1: O-ring seal
J: UV-C lamp
K: Quartz leaf
M2: O-ring seal
O: Tube clamp
H: Self-locking nut
D: Body
P: O-ring seal
I: Adaptor
S: Switch
R: Ballast
Discription parts Puriq Bright

Details Puriq Bright
Details Puriq Bright

Details Puriq Bright
Detail Puriq Bright


Dimensions Puriq Bright UV treatment

Recommendations for use

The unit should be installed in a ventilated, dry shelter away from direct sunlight. It should be introduced after the filter on the pool hydraulic circuit, vertically.
Maintenance should be completed once per semester, cleaning the lamp and quartz leaf with white vinegar or window cleaning product.
The Puriq Bright is not compatible with salt water treatment systems.
Puriq Bright for clear pool water

Complementary treatment products

For complementary use with UV to optimise efficiency, we recommend the use of an injection pump for remnant products:

- The Smart Timer programmable dosing pump is automated, simple and efficient.

To maintain swimming comfort and ensure efficient water disinfection the Smart timer chronometric dosing automates injection of your treatment product.

Smart Timer is a simple and efficient programmable dosing pump, featuring a peristaltic pump to treat pools up to 200m³.

Ideal for use with chlorine, active oxygen, flocculants and anti-algae products.

Factory set to operate with the vast majority of pools, however, you can program Smart Timer to operate with your own particular pool configuration.

Program settings allow up to 8 sequences of injection per day for a duration of 1 week.
Smart Timer programmable dosing pump

- Active oxygen is a powerful oxidising agent that also holds powerful anti-algae properties.
Oxysoft is a remnant liquid product, composed of hydrogen peroxide, to be used as a complement to the UV steriliser.
Specifically designed to efficiently treat pool water without damaging the effect of Ultra-Violet rays.
This product is non-foaming and does not contain chlorine. Its use is particularly adapted to residential pools.
Oxysoft remnant liquid


3 years UV steriliser
2 years dosing pump

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