UV treatment

Water treatment using UV rays to destroy viruses, bacterias and algae,
Economic, compact and compatible with all types of filtration

UV water treatment

Your pool water is disinfected using UV-C rays when water passes through the units treatment chamber.
Uv treatment ensures :
- Crystalline, healthy pool water that does not aggress skin, hair, mucosa, or eyes offering incomparable swimmers comfort.
- Environmentally friendly : Using type C-rays that have a physicochemical reaction, without salt or chlorine residue (avoiding corrosion and toxic residues).
- No allergy risk
- No corrosion or smell (chloramines)
- Compatible with all pool finishes, materials and pool filtration systems

Your UV treatment should be complemented with the daily addition of small quantities of a disinfection product to ensure disinfection all day. For example, an automated dosing pump using active oxygen.
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