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BIO UV ELEKTRA automated water treatment

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BIO UV SANS CHLORE 25 automated water treatment
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Automated water treatment SANS CHLORE 25 including UV lamp, injection pump and pH regulation on option. Ideal for pools up to 110m3.
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UV water sterilisation treatment

The sun emits invisible light : Ultraviolet rays. Bio-UV water treatments reproduce this natural phenomenon using last generation, powerful lamps that emit UV-C rays.

At 254 nanometers, the optimal wavelength to eradicate micro-organisms (virus, bacteria, algae, mildew...) are UV-C rays. Capable of penetrating the DNA that perturbs the metabolism of the micro-organisms cells till destruction. All germs, are, therefore, inactive (including legionella and cryptosporidium) and cannot reproduce .
Spectrum BIO UV water treatment system


Using the combined action of UV-C rays and the daily addition of a small amount of active oxygen that prolongs the action of UV's.
Ensures clear healthy water without aggression for the user's skin, hair, eyes or mucosa with an incomparable level of comfort.
Using ultraviolet light and products without chlorine, the residue of your pool water is naturally eliminated without toxic waste being evacuated into the environment.
Environmentally friendly
No chlorine, no salt (avoiding corrosion and chlorine residue), no toxic chemicals, no allergy risk, no corrosion or odours.
No complicated electronics. The lamp should be changed every 13 000 hours.
By means of a dosing pump and pH regulator, PH BIO-UV, users interventions are reduced to a minimum.
Compatible with all types of pool finishes and materials.
Easy and fast.


SANS CHLORE is a water treatment concept that is based on technology and disinfection via the ultraviolet light of type C. Today, more than 11 000 residential pools and spas are equipped with this type of water treatment. It is also certified for public use.

During the filtration cycle, water circulates inside the SANS CHLORE treatment chamber. Bacterias, virus and algae are eradicated using the lamps rays.

This purification process is prolonged by means of the dosing pump that injects daily a small quantity of active oxygen (without chlorine) to continue disinfection and prevent the apparition of algae on pool walls.

A probe allows the automated regulation of active oxygen which depends on the water temperature.

Automated pH regulation allows ideal comfort for swimmers, limescale deposits, and optimises the efficiency of products which are used.
Installation BIO UV water treatment system
1. Filtration pump
2. Filter
3. Heating (on option)
5. BIO-UV dosing pump
6. pH dosing pump
7. Temperature probe
8. Active oxygen
9. Acid
10. Discharge
11. Pool
12. Skimmers


The SANS CHLORE 25 pack includes :
Elektra sans chlore 25 pack
1. PVC steriliser
2. Tempo dosing pump with clamp saddles
3. Temperature probe to enable liquid injection of active oxygen.
4. 1 BIO-UV CHOC - 10L
6. 1 BIO-UV Algicide SPECIAL - 5L

* Contact our international customer support team on + 33 475 802 962 to find out which model is best adapted to your pool configuration.

Reccomendendations for liquid injection use

Pool volume (m3)
134 ml / day
200 ml / day
268 ml / day
400 ml / day
536 ml / day

Temperature of water
Injection required for dosing pump probe
< lesser than 24°C
Injection required x 1
24 to 30°C
Proportional injections required depending on the temperature (Ex. à 27°C, injections required x 1,5)
> greater than 30°C
Injections required x 2

It is essential to ensure :

- Filtration during the day (during swimming and sunny periods)
- Respect the duration of filtration cycles :



- A pH without aggression for the user's skin, hair, eyes or mucosa...
- By means of a dosing pump and pH regulator, PH BIO-UV, users interventions are reduced to a minimum.
- Avoids the development of limescale deposits, cloudy or whitened water.
- Reduces the development of algae and bacteria while optimising and reducing chemical product use.

Advantages of BIO-UV REGUL pH:

- Conforms to the ROHS norm : componants contain no lead or mercury.
- Digital display.
- Proportional display to avoid overdosing.
- Simplified Calibration.
- Easy connection avoiding analytical errors
- Protected probe (ABS body) for further dependability, can be installed horizontally, vertically or at an angled position.
Regul pH


2 years on PVC reactor
excepting the UV lamp
2 years BIO-UV Tempo dosing pump (excepting wear and tear parts)

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