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Bio-Xyde Complex 3 UV and ozone water treatment

Bio-Xyde Complex 3 UV and ozone water treatment
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Bio-xyde 60 for pools up to 60m3 maxi
Combines ozone and UV treatment,
100% chlorine free,
Environmentally friendly and multi-task,
Anti-germ and bacterial and deodorisation
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Bio-xyde 60 for pools up to 60m3 maxi
Ref. Abatik 012229 Ref. Provider 050 AA
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1539 €
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Bio-xyde 80 for pools up to 80m3 maximum
Ref. Abatik 012230 Ref. Provider 050 AB
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Bio-xyde 120 for pools 120m3 maximum
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Bio-xyde 160 for pools 160m3 maximum
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Bio-xyde 200 fror pools 200m3 maximum
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Operational method

The innovating concept of the BIO-XYDE complex 3 resides in the association of a specific lamp, creating a double UV and ozone spectrum that uses the last generation quartz which is permeable to ozone. Using this technology, oxygen contained in the water is transformed in the Ozone reactor.

This new technique uses two simultaneous methods to sterilise water by the association of the disinfecting quality of UV technology coupled with the oxidating force of ozone.

100 % environmentally friendly disinfection is guaranteed, without chlorine or other chemicals offering unequalled swimming comfort.

The continuity of the disinfection is continued by use of BIO-XAN organic biocide.

A 316 high-quality stainless steel chamber is installed before the filter. This chamber ensures the total destruction of germs viruses, bacterias and organic matters. The filtering medium, which is also an important source of pollution, is also perfectly sterilised.

After passing through the filter, oxidation, flocculation and deodorisation, the ozone (which is an unstable gas) is recombined naturally into the water.

There is no ozone residue in the water or filter and the pipework of your pool is entirely disinfected.
Bio Xyde Complex 3


BIO-XYDE complex 3 is a natural deodorant and flocculant by means of Ozone use. Improving water limpidity without chemical consumption.
BIO-XAN tablets complete the disinfecting process and are 100% biodegradable.
This biocide is without odour, (H202 hydrogen peroxide - potassium monopersulfate ) is conditioned as 100g tablets. Place and maintain 1 or 2 Bio-xan tablets in your skimmer per week, depending on the volume of water (15 to 30 gr/10 m3), simple to use, without toxic risk. This weekly operation can be automated by using an automatic dosing pump.

• No risk of fading your pool liner or finish.
• No damage to your pool material.
• No cloudy water and no toxic products to store.
• The total absence of the smell of chlorine, no allergy risk or eye /skin irritation.
• No environmental impact when rinsing or purging.
• 100% natural swimming

BIO-XYDE complex 3 requires no adjustment or setting, at last, a carefree pool. You children, your health and the environment will thank you.

To optimise your pH level we strongly recommend the use of a pH regulator for this function.
The only consumption product required with this unit are BIO-XAN organic tablets.

Adapted to renovated or new pools, residential or public and this system is compatible with all pool finishes.

BIO-XYDE complex 3 is totally compatible with natural pools, respecting the natural water balance and bacterial level contained in the water.


Installation is fast, connection easy.
Installation Bio Xyde Complex 3

1. Main inlet, 2. Inlet skimmer, 3. Inlet brush adaptor, 4. Filter, 5. pH injection, 6. Liquid injection 7. Return pool.


2 years excepting lamp

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